Chocolates, strawberries, and champagne are still in, but there is a new libido booster that’s now widely available that can also enhance your sex life – that being cannabis. You might not typically associate marijuana use with enhanced sexual pleasures, but that’s only because you haven’t consumed a strain that has stimulating traits.

As research into the cannabis plant grows, we’re finding more and more about its actual effects and how it effects our daily, weekly, or infrequent activities – like, sex. In fact, one study shows 68.5% of its participants had more pleasure when getting high before sexual intercourse. Showing that using weed before sex can definitely beneficial. Some studies are even proving that marijuana can act as a potent aphrodisiac that makes play between sheets more enjoyable, overall.

The calming and relaxing properties of weed can be what a person needs to feel more comfortable during sex and experience extended orgasms. So keep reading our in-depth guide to the top benefits of cannabis for sexual intimacy.

Top Benefits of Cannabis for Intimacy

The Connection Between Cannabis And Intimacy

The Connection Between Cannabis And Intimacy

After many discovered the real-time use effects of weed combined with sex, researchers have set out to explore the exact interactions, and benefits it can provide. Here’s a list of the top ways that cannabis can fuel your intimate moments, and how science is backing up the good-feel feelings.

Women Who Smoke Pot Every Day Have More Sex 

study from 2017 researched the correlation between sex and marijuana. Thanks to the analysis, the scientists found that women who smoke pot every day have an average of 7.1 sexual encounters within a 4-week span, while non-consuming women reported having only 6. Although there’s only a slight difference between the two groups, the ones who smoke weed reported full relaxation and increased sexual appetites, too.

Increased Libido 

There is no doubt that smoking weed makes people more sensitive to touch. Cannabinoids like CBD and THC affect the way you feel by activating and influencing the receptors in your brain. The same cannabinoids responsible for activating your pleasure receptors, also make you more sensitive to touch, physical contact, therefore reaching sexual pleasure like never before.

People who frequently smoke weed have increased sexual desire as they become more sensitive and feel physical pleasure more intensely.

Improved Performance 

Performance matters and that’s a fact. Although there are divided thoughts about this topic when it comes to getting high before sex, a study conducted with male participants shows that 75% of them confirm that they have a better performance after getting high.

Many are noting that weed can act as a ‘natural viagra’ for men, and those who use it frequently are not only improving their stamina but increasing their self-confidence as well.

Using Weed Before Sex Helps You Get You in the Mood 

Just like some people prefer a glass of wine to ‘get in the mood’, smoking pot is now a viable libido booster alternative, too. Weed not only keeps you sober and fully aware of your actions, but also internally stimulates your receptors to ease the pain that can be associated with varied types of sexual experiences.

Not only that, but cannabis promotes overall energizing and euphoric feelings. When you eliminate stress from the equation, it is likely that you will reach your pleasures faster, and feel more relaxed.

Eliminating Anxiety 

Anxiety often comes along with sex and it can stop you from enjoying a full intimacy with your partner. Therefore, weed is here to help you overcome any stress and anxiety that may occur during encounters with a new person.

According to a study from the Culture, Health, and Sexuality Journal, people who use weed before sex share more intimacy with their partners, eliminating shyness, discomfort, and anxiety.

When relaxed, intimacy takes the leading role during the sex game, allowing you to experience the ultimate pleasure without stressing yourself over the first time encounter.

Longer Orgasms

Although this benefit depends on personal experiences, it’s still a fact that can be measured or proven. Cannabis users report having extended orgasms than people who are not high during a sex play. The science behind this is simple, as smoking weed generally alters your sense of time. Making all actions feel slower, or extended in this case.

What Are the Best Strains for Sex?

The Connection Between Cannabis And Intimacy

The Connection Between Cannabis And Intimacy

As you probably already know, different weed strains have different effects on your body, meaning some are better for intimacy, than others. Here we’ve compiled a list of strains that are noted by real-time use, to help spice things up under the sheets.

  • Sour Diesel for Energetic SexSour Diesel is a powerful Sativa strain, perfect for an energetic, non-stop sex. After one hit of this strain, you will immediately feel an electrifying feeling throughout your body, making your skin sensitive to touch.
  • Girl Scout Cookies for Solo SessionsGirl Scout Cookies is a well-balanced hybrid with an earthy and sweet aroma, perfect for sexy solo time and masturbation. GSC relaxes the mind and promotes creativity in absence of a partner.
  • Master Kush for Passion – Master Kush is a potent Indica with sedative properties, producing couch-locking effects, and extreme relaxation. It is a strain perfect for people who enjoy passionate or slower sessions, without a rush to finish.
  • Jilly Bean for CreativityJilly Bean is a hybrid strain with energizing properties. It creates mild euphoria and happiness and it makes it easier for you to venture into new positions and adventures.
  • God’s Green Crack for Daytime Play – God’s Green Crack is a Sativa dominant strain with energizing properties and it is perfect for daytime sex with a lot of energy. If you feel fatigued or lack of motivation, this strain will definitely help.

Elevation for Stimulation

While any seasoned cannabis consumer, may have realized these sexually stimulating effects already, now you have the research and information on how weed can actually promote and enhance intimacy.

When using cannabis consciously, you can pick and choose the best strains for your experience and even implement other sexually centred marijuana goods, like the emergence of sensual THC infused oils. If you’re seeking the best ganja goods, for getting your sex life going – check out Greenz’s premium collection of top-shelf cannabis products.