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Master Kush (Smalls)

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While there are countless Kush variants, one rises above the rest. Master Kush is a potent indica that goes by many names, including High Rise and Grandmaster Kush. This strain is the result of the Dutch White Label Seed Company crossing two different landraces from different parts of the Hindu Kush mountains.

It gives this strain a nuanced indica feel, with two parents contributing similar but non-identical traits. With a legendary flavour renowned worldwide as a prime example of the Kush aroma, Master Kush easily lives up to its reputation. Combining world-class flavour with a potent THC concentration, this strain will quickly catch the eye of any smoker.


  • Respectable THC concentration: high teens to low 20s
  • Heavy indica – landrace lineage
  • Powerful possible sedative effects
  • Heavy-hitting terpene profile includes hints of incense, earth, and citrus

Uses and Effects

Indicas are well-known for their sedative properties. They can help a user relax and unwind after a long day or overcome their sleep issues to get more rest at night. Master Kush is an exemplar of these indica traits without falling prey to many of the shortcomings typical of its genetics. Its relaxing without being mind-numbing, and leaves a smoker with the ability to think, reason, and act.

Indicas also have powerful possible health effects. In fact, anecdotal evidence and some research suggests that indicas may be able to reduce swelling, improve sleep, and banish chronic pain. As a result, Master Kush may be able to help alleviate issues from:

  • Insomnia
  • Low appetite
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Stress and anxiety

Aroma and Appearance

One of the places that this strain truly shines is its flavour. Master Kush is highly representative of the trademark Kush flavour, a citrusy, earthy scent with notes of incense. Many strains exhibit this scent, especially those with Hindu Kush genetics. Master Kush, however, is nearly unrivalled in its aroma and flavour, and it’s a great way for those unfamiliar with the flavour and taste of Kush plants to become acquainted with it.

While Master Kush may not be as visually stunning as other plants with purple or orange buds, it represents a quality all its own. Its potent green buds congregate around robust orange hairs, sheathed in a thin amber hue thanks to the coat of trichomes covering its nugs.

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5 reviews for Master Kush (Smalls)

  1. hann

    Good smoke, smalls were decent and a good price.

  2. Scar

    Good stuff I had the small buts still great and great price

  3. Luc

    Good taste and burn.

  4. oldm

    it’s a good Indica for the day if that make sense…

  5. GHGr

    Not a huge fan of this strain but it was okay for the price.

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