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Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel, which also goes by the name “Sour D,” is a powerful sativa immortalized in countless rap songs, and it’s one of Wiz Khalifa’s favourite strains. It traces its lineage back to the 1990s, when an unknown breeder mixed Chemdog 91 with Super Skunk. Sour Diesel’s scent is legendary, an aroma that combines notes of diesel fuel with sour citrusy tones. Boasting a respectable THC concentration ranging from 16 to 20 percent, Sour Diesel is a great wake-and-bake strain that will energize smokers with its stimulating sativa high.


  • Classic strain with long-running history
  • Powerful sativa genetics
  • Originator of “fuel” aroma
  • Appeared in countless books, movies, and songs

Appearance and Aroma

Sour Diesel gets its name from its aroma, and this strain is not one to disappoint. This strain’s scent features the unmistakable aroma of diesel fuel, a combination of its peppery, herbal, and citrusy terpene profile. An intense sour scent piggybacks off of the diesel fumes, giving Sour Diesel a truly unique aroma worthy of its name.

Uses and Effects

Sour Diesel is a classic sativa that any daily smoker will know. Smokers report that it has the happy, uplifting, and euphoric high that’s typical of sativa genetics. It also provides a creative boost that artists, musicians, and writers will appreciate, giving them the push they need to manifest their works. It also helps banish feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, making it a great companion strain to keep smokers feeling great throughout the day.

A popular strain among medical patients, Sour Diesel’s powerful properties give it potent potential healing properties. Some evidence suggests that marijuana may be an effective way to lower inflammation, eliminate chronic pain, fight insomnia, and improve appetite. As a result, it may be able to alleviate a slew of health-related issues. They include:

  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Neuropathic or joint pain

4 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. Rich

    Nice buds, great for the daytime

  2. Bass

    Reminds me of Diesel tonic, but much stronger. 👍👍

  3. LD

    One of my faves! Great for daytime! HUGE nugs!! Would absolutely recommend

  4. josh

    very nice buds .. good daytime strain!!

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