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God’s Green Crack

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Cannabis strains are well-known for their ridiculous names, but none quite match the whimsical nomenclature of God’s Green Crack. However, this strain, a cross between Green Crack and God Bud by Jordan of the Islands, is more than just a crazy name.

It’s also a well-balanced hybrid that combines the stimulating sativa effects of Green Crack with the sedative and relaxing body load that God Bud provides. The end result is a great strain for any time of day – from wake-and-bakes to nightcaps – that’s approachable for new and veteran stoners alike.

Mix that with the stunning visual appeal and robust aroma of this strain, and God’s Green Crack will soon become a mainstay as one of your favourite strains.


  • 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid
  • Deep purple colours
  • Balanced high – both indica and sativa effects
  • Unique terpene profile: sweet, pungent, and earthy tones

Uses and Effects

As a fairly balanced hybrid, God’s Green Crack provides both the euphoric buzz of Sativas and the laid-back, relaxing vibes of a heavy indica. As a result, it exhibits several possible traits. For example, God’s Green Crack may provide a cranial, cerebral experience that can boost sociability and mood. However, its indica lineage also means that it can greatly reduce stress and anxiety while promoting better rest and sleep.

This strain may also offer several health benefits. Its combination of indica and sativa means that God’s Green Crack may be able to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, improve sleep, and reduce stress. As a result, it may be able to help alleviate issues like:

  • Low appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Stress and anxiety disorders

Aroma and Appearance

God’s Green Crack’s list of possible effects gives it an enticing allure. However, its appearance is nothing to ignore, either. Its hard, dense buds offer a myriad of colours ranging from orange to green to purple. In addition, its crown of amber hairs gives each flower a regal appearance. Round that out with the thick sheen of trichomes that coat every inch of these proud buds and you have a visually stunning strain.

This strain’s appeal doesn’t stop there, though. It also boasts a powerful and robust aroma. Its unique combination of hashy, sweet, and earthy tones give it an aroma that few other strains match. Its taste doubles down, hinting at woody tones as well. The end result is a refined taste that many veteran smokers will appreciate.

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12 reviews for God’s Green Crack

  1. Wmok

    Good and earthy

  2. Ben

    This is a great strain. Good cure, taste, buzz, burn. Waiting for this to come back in stock, highly recommend it

  3. Scar

    Nice bud always down to try new strains but not my fav

  4. Pri

    Quick short buzz, burns a little too fast

  5. Gyal


  6. mfiy

    Neatly trimmed, buds are kinda small. Had a citrus smell to it, tasted real nice.

  7. Jamm

    This is a nice looking bud that has plenty of purple throughout and covered with Crystal. I enjoyed the flavor the amount of vape and the yeld you get out of a bud.

  8. thun

    the real deal, has this strain about 2 years ago and its definitely it, very nice, one of my favourites
    p.s lots of purple

  9. Ryan

    Nice gcg not the best I’ve ever had but that’s just on the potency the taste was great and the size of the buds and they amount the busted into was good. Insane amount of purple in some of them nugs

  10. MrKarlPink

    The Heavens have blessed us with this strain! God’s Green Crack was simply devine. I too, wish I got more… a lot more.
    Thanks Greenz.

  11. Gregory

    This is the real deal! I have been looking for this for years and so happy that this bud exceeded my expectations! I have tried many other GCGB and this takes first place so happy to have gotten then and I should have gotten so much more lol!

  12. FrostyJ

    Really like this. Tastes really sweet and has a nice long lasting buzz. Well trimmed and looks great. 10/10

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