Magic mushrooms, and the compound psilocybin might not be trending for being a cure for cancer, although the two are trending for good reason. Cancer is a debilitating condition, whether terminal, or in remission. The disease can not only wreak havoc on your physical health, but patient’s mental health as well.

In 2001 the National Cancer Policy Board of the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council published a report soliciting research for new novel agents. Explicitly for the improvement or treatment of ‘psychological and spiritual well-being of people who have advanced cancer.’ It just so happens, that magic mushrooms turned out to be a novel agent that was successful. So, how have cancer and magic mushrooms connected since then? Here we’ll explore the journey of the two, and how psilocybin is now legal for use, for cancer patients.

The Healing Powers of Magic Mushrooms

While most of us are aware of magic mushrooms psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects, there’s more to shrooms than what’s on the surface. During the 60’s it was found that magic mushrooms contain a compound called psilocybin that’s responsible for its alluring and unique effects.

Even though psilocybin is responsible for shrooms hallucinogenic effects, they also produce the experiences’ mood-enhancing effects, too. Now, with advanced technology and loosened research capabilities, the medical world is exploring this more closely.

Psilocybin is a compound that interacts with brain neural pathways. Predominantly in the prefrontal cortex. This area is not only responsible for your sense of self or ‘ego’ but the pathways are pivotal for regulating moods, and emotions. In fact, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders often arise from miscommunication or over communication by receptors and nerves in this area of the brain.

When psilocybin enters your system, it influences the ability for nerves to better communicate. In fact, some research is showing that the compound can have long-term effects and may even have the potential to make permanent changes, for an actual cure or treatment of anxiety and depression. But, how does this relate to cancer and those who suffer from the condition? We’ll get to that, next.

How Magic Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients

The Connection Between Cancer And Magic Mushrooms

The Connection Between Cancer And Magic Mushrooms

Just recently, Canada approved the use of psilocybin for cancer patients facing the ‘end-of-life’. This is a profound step for psilocybin legalization, considering psychedelics therapy hasn’t been exempted legally, since 1974. Showing the progress that’s been made so far, while other studies are rapidly working to back up the research that’s been conducted so far.

Which includes studies on anxiety and depression induced by cancer. It’s no surprise that receiving a cancer diagnosis would flare anxious feelings, and depressive type thoughts. What researchers are hoping, is that psilocybin is able to uplift these spirits to make improvements in the quality of life for patients. Luckily, one long-term and profound study has already proven this success.

A study that began in 2016 reviewed 29 cancer patients, who had anxiety and depression offset by the disease. Single doses of psilocybin were administered in the trials, and patients anxiety and depression levels were monitored over nine weeks in accordance with psychotherapy sessions. The conclusion was 60-80% of the patients had a ‘ significant clinical reduction’ in anxiety, depression and distress symptoms.

They even reported improved attitudes towards life, overall. 15 of the study’s participants were resurveyed 3-4 years later, and 70% of this remaining group reported the same type of improvement in moods. Even going as far to say that using psilocybin was ‘’the most personally meaningful and spiritually significant experiences of their lives’.

Today’s World of Magic Mushrooms

Of course, with advancements in research and technology, have come more progressive type of psilocybin goods, too. Like extracting beneficial oils and compounds from cannabis, psilocybin can be extracted and infused to other types of products for consumption. Here are just a few of the available psilocybin goods that are widely more available for use, now, more than ever.

Fresh or Dried Shrooms

Again, like cannabis and the variety of strains that are now available, shrooms are undergoing genetic advancements too. Now, there is a wide range of native magic mushrooms that are found in the wild on the market, along with those that have been genetically altered for indoor cultivation and for specific effects.

Not to mention, magic mushroom consumers now even have the choice of choosing dried shrooms or fresh ones, too. Golden Teachers, or Blue Meanies might be the most popular or notable magic mushroom types, but there’s a growing list of effective shrooms that vary in potency, and mental and physical effects. Including –


For consumers who are opposed to the taste, flavour or texture of consuming magic mushrooms in their natural form, luckily there are other products available, too. Like capsules that can be taken as any other vitamin or supplement would be.

Most of the capsules on the market today, are fine-tuned to deliver specific effects, by combining a variety of varied shrooms species. They’re also ideal for those looking to micro dose, with more accurately measured doses. Microdosing is popular amongst medical magic mushroom users to receive therapeutic effects, without too overwhelming of a psychedelic experience.

Infused Edibles

Even better for taste, are infused psilocybin edible products. These can be especially helpful for cancer patients who experience nausea from chemotherapy or have a hard time with consuming other delivery methods. Psilocybin is now being infused to chocolates, chocolate bars, and gummy candies, too. Because you know the exact MG of psilocybin per bar, chocolate or gummy, infused edibles are also ideal for microdosing medical purposes.

Natural Alternative for Improved Moods

The Connection Between Cancer And Magic Mushrooms

The Connection Between Cancer And Magic Mushrooms

As you can see, multiple studies are now proving that magic mushrooms are an effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Especially amongst those who are terminally ill or live with cancer. Progress is being made on the medical front, and legalization front for psilocybin to now be taken much more seriously, as a serious natural alternative for improved moods.

While legitimate research and real-time use expands, it seems it’s only the beginning of the cultural revolution for magic mushrooms. Stay tuned for the latest information on psilocybin, and if you’re interested in self-exploring then Greenz has the selection for you. Explore our collection of high-quality psilocybin goods, that can be purchased conveniently, and discreetly.