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Cannalife Massage Oil

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No one does oils and topicals, quite like Canna Life does. Their specially formulated cannabis Massage Oil is a luxurious option for elevated and spa-like relief. The Massage Oil blends all-natural ingredients to amplify its powerful healing effects. Made specifically for the art of massage, the oil is a perfect choice for naturally unwinding.

More about its Characteristics and Potency

Each batch of Canna Life’s massage oil is lab-tested and verified to contain 492 MG per 120 ML. Averaging around 4 MG of THC per ML. You’ll take your massage up a notch, with the soothing sensation of natural cannabis effects infused into the luxurious grapeseed oil. Canna Life utilizes grapeseed oil as their Massage Oil’s carrier, due to its individual antioxidant effects and plethora of vitamins, proteins, and nutrients.

Alone, the oil can help hydrate the skin, providing a healthy glow. Each blend also contains a special blend of essential oils that further promote the type of effects you desire. Including:

  • Sensual – With sweet orange, ylang ylang
  • Soothing – With cinnamon, peppermint

Effects and Use

The Massage Oil is silky in texture and goes on non-greasy for a pleasurable experience. You’ll use the Massage Oil like any other, rubbing into the skin as you unwind and de-stress. As your body absorbs the healing properties, you’ll feel an overwhelming yet soothing sense of uplifting comfortability.

The Oil is well-balanced and effective for lifting your energies, and providing a number of benefits like:

  • Muscle tension relief
  • Chronic pain relief
  • Stimulates the circulation
  • Warming sensation

Tips for using Massage Oils

When you’re not using your Canna Life Massage Oils keep stored in a dark cool area, away from direct sunlight to preserve from heat and protect the delicate cannabinoids contained. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to common skincare ingredients, be sure to check the ingredients of the product prior to use.

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