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Golden Teacher Chocolates (Gold)

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1 Gram of Golden Teachers Psilocybin Cubensis in each chocolate.

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For a conveniently dosed, and delicious hallucinogenic experience, look no further than Golden Teacher Chocolates. The 70% dark chocolate blend is infused with natural Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, highly popular for their hallucinogenic effects. Golden Teachers are one of the most popular varieties of shrooms due to the pleasing effects that affect both the body and the mind.

What you Should Know about GT Chocolates

Golden Teachers are from the common psilocybe cubensis family and provide a pleasurable psychedelic journey. The shroom variety contains levels of psilocybin, the compound that produces its hallucinogenic and therapeutic effects.

Currently, psilocybin is in clinical trials for being approved as a treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, and other mood-related conditions. Individually wrapped, Golden Teachers Chocolates make it easy and tasty to consume the magical and spiritually enlightening magic mushroom.

More about its Characteristics and Potency

The Golden Teacher shrooms are popular in use, due to their well-mannered and somewhat tame hallucinogenic effects. They promote the exploration of your mind and will have you feeling more visionary than ever. You’ll undergo an enhanced physical and spiritual connection while feeling bouts of energetic euphoria.

Golden Teachers often make users feel more connected to their surroundings, and with their own sense of self. The variety will enhance your senses and awareness. It’s a magic mushroom that’s often enjoyed outside, as you’ll feel ultra attached to nature. Whether your eyes are open or closed, you’ll be treated to stunning visuals like the enhancement of colours and shapes, lights, tracers, auras and some distortion in objects or shapes.

Ultimately, the trip is a transcendence into new spaces and will leave you feeling like you have a better understanding of the universe, overall.

Tips for Consuming GT Chocolates

If it’s your first time-consuming shrooms, it’s recommended to have a ‘sober-trip’ partner with you to help guide you through any intense emotions or eye-opening experiences. Beginners should also start with ¼ or ½ of the chocolate to see how the effects affect you personally, first. As always, wait an hour before ingesting more, to allow the effects to set in completely.

7 reviews for Golden Teacher Chocolates (Gold)

  1. wasa

    Great low dose chocolate

  2. sabi

    Amazing product. Will definitely buy again. I thought it wasn’t going to be very strong, but 1 was more than enough!

  3. vict

    These kick in Fast. Just 1 was more than enough for me 🙂

  4. vict

    These kick in FAST. Just taking 1 was more than enough for me.

  5. Stum

    taste great, hits the spot

  6. Hans

    Very nice buzz and super tasty

  7. jess

    Fun times

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