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myco labs Immune Support


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myco labs Immune Support is your best friend in case of need! Whenever you’re feeling off or your cluster headaches have started acting up again, take one of these pills and the symptoms will fade away. Immune Support capsules contain psilocybin, Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, and Turkey Tail. All six of these organic plants and mushrooms have scientifically-proven therapeutic benefits. Psilocybin, when microdosed, offers nootropic effects, as well.

You’ll feel immensely relaxed and comfortable as these capsules get your head immediately. The blend of medicinal plants has a very precise goal – that of healing your mind and body as efficiently as possible. Immune Support capsules are not psychoactive, due to the low dose of psilocybin per capsule. The 50mg variants contain only 50mg of psilocybin, which is far from enough to get you high in any way. Instead, they’ll improve your cognitive functions throughout the day!



  • Two variants – 50mg and 200mg worth of psilocybin
  • Contains five other medicinal plants
  • Great therapeutic potential
  • Effective nootropic effects

Uses and effects


Immune Support Capsules by myco labs are best used as a microdosing supplement. Since you can’t get high on them, you can use them the way they were meant to – for microdosing. One capsule is enough to offer a wide array of nootropic benefits and therapeutic effects, such as:

  • Euphoria
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Fewer negative thoughts and worries
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better work performance and effectiveness
  • Faster thinking
  • Improve creativity
  • Enhanced divergent and convergent thinking

All in all, myco labs Immune Support affects most of your cognitive capabilities, creating a new “you”. You’re more efficient at doing pretty much anything, including thinking and creating. It feels easier to come up with clear-cut solutions to complex problems now, and this is a result of the therapeutic benefits offered by Immune Support. All the medicinal plants and mushrooms contribute to a much larger therapeutic and nootropic potential.

Additional information about dosage


Immune Support by myco labs comes in two variants, as we said previously. The 50mg variant contains 50mg of psilocybin blend, and 50mg each of organic Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi, and Turkey Tail. The 200mg variant contains 200mg of psilocybin blend, and 70mg each of Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Shiitake, and Maitake. The latter is more potent and offers more intense therapeutic benefits compared to the former. This doesn’t mean the 50mg variant is worse off, though.

It depends on your preferences, financial possibilities, and your own lifestyle. If you’d like a milder experience that doesn’t change too many things in a drastic way, then the 50mg Immune Support variant is just perfect. If, quite the opposite, you want to test your limits and see how far you can go, then choose the 200mg option. Either way, only consume one capsule per sitting at first. That’s the recommended dose, and it wouldn’t do good to overcome it. From a point on, the effects don’t stack up, and taking more capsules simultaneously is only a waste. Consume them carefully!

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