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Star Blend Chocolates (Black)


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One Star Blend Chocolate brings as much psychedelic joy and enthusiasm as a couple of mushroom strains together. Perhaps it’s because this chocolate actually contains multiple magic mushrooms, such as Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, and a lot more. With this combination, you’re getting the upper-level of psychedelia experiences, with hallucinations, time dilation, ego death, synesthesia, and more. Just when you think this chocolate isn’t as strong as you thought, the sudden bout of euphoric hallucinations begins.

A Star Blend Chocolate taken in the morning will improve your day substantially. By altering your brain functions and improving on some of them, you stand to be more active and energetic than before. After all, it’s not every day that you experience such potent psychedelia! This edible’s magic comes from the wild combinations of slightly different mushroom strains. Each brings a distinct take on the psychedelia state, with the result being versatile, endless, and surprising.



  • Mix of Golden Teachers, Penis Envy, and other shrooms
  • Versatile and effective
  • Quite sweet and flavourful
  • Offers deep hallucinations and spiritual experiences
  • Profound feeling of connectedness

Uses and effects


Star Blend Chocolates are the top-tier of psilocybin edibles, both in terms of flavour and effects. Speaking of the psychedelic effects, one bite is all you need to go through a plethora or mind-altering experiences, such as:

  • Time dilation
  • Synesthesia-driven visuals
  • Euphoric and energetic boost
  • Indistinguishable hallucinations
  • Fractals and dancing lights
  • Ego death events

It’s enough to say that Star Blend Chocolates are incredibly potent and versatile. You can use it to stifle your anxiety and depression by lightening your brain like a Christmas bulb. Be mindful of your dose, though, because the dose makes the poison. Your tolerance level is the most important thing when talking about psilocybin experiences. You don’t want to have a bad trip on a Star Blend Chocolate, right? Well, then consume it mindfully and you’ll be alright!

Tips for efficient use


Considering how sweet and flavourful this chocolate is, it’ll be difficult to think of anything else other than eating the whole thing right then and there. Though, you shouldn’t do that. To be exact, doing that will most assuredly take you on a path of no return, toward a bad trip. With so much psilocybin contained in the Star Blend Chocolate, eating it one piece at a time is the best way to go about it. The effects will be plenty powerful as is.

Most importantly, eating a Star Blend Chocolate may alleviate some of your medical symptoms. If you suffer from depression, cluster headaches, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, or other mental illnesses, then the psilocybin should make you feel better. It works on PTSD sufferers, as well. Just a bit of this chocolate and your brain will go through continuous changes and shifts, switching gears to a more joyful and enthusiastic self.


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