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Blue Meanies Mushrooms

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Blue Meanies is the name of a magic mushroom potent enough to stone even veteran consumers. Once you take a bite, you’ll know what we mean by increased potency. It’s like other magic mushrooms don’t even deserve to be classified as such, with Blue Meanies being here. Its hallucinogenic potential and spiritual effects are beyond anything you’ve experienced before. They’ll improve your mood, enhance your creativity, and confuse your senses big time!


  • Extreme psychoactive potency
  • High psilocybin concentration
  • Useful therapeutic benefits
  • Nice spiritual effects

Uses and effects

This mushroom strain is well-known in Canada for its impactful psychoactive experience. It’ll fill your mind with confusing hallucinations, synesthesia influxes, mystical insights, and energetic shifts. Eventually, you won’t know what’s happening and you’ll have to take a breather to relax. We don’t recommend getting off the couch while under the effects of Blue Meanies. It’s not the type of mushroom to let you walk freely!

Its effects veer toward confusing hallucinations more than anything else. But this doesn’t mean you won’t feel a spiritual awakening peering through the veil at you. Consuming Blue Meanies on an empty stomach is like swallowing half a gallon of radioactive plutonium that mutates your body and mind. Nothing feels the same after consuming Blue Meanies. This is what you can expect:

  • Easier meditation
  • Mood enhancement and euphoria
  • Intense visuals
  • Increased flow of ideas
  • Amplification of emotions and sensations
  • Life-changing philosophical insights
  • Increased creativity
  • Altered perception of sound
  • Possible manic states
  • Flow state

Consumption tips


Blue Meanies doesn’t play around with half-assed effects. So, you shouldn’t play around either. Don’t try consuming a dose you’re not ready for because it might backfire. Be aware of your tolerance level before doing anything you may regret. A regular dose of Blue Meanies should be around 1.5-3 grams per sitting. And make sure you have someone by your side to keep you company and help in case something happens. You’re never too sure with Blue Meanies!

Consuming too high a dose may lead to negative side-effects that appear due to lack of preparation. Higher doses beyond 4 grams may lead to ego death experiences, which even veteran consumers would rather avoid. It’s not an experience you want to brave without full preparation, that much is clear. We recommend sticking to a regular dose until you’re completely sure you can manage higher doses. Take it slow, be wary of the implications, and you’ll be fine!

5 reviews for Blue Meanies Mushrooms

  1. Wood

    Got some on sale. Great trip 🙂 Would buy again

  2. Lord

    Not even sure i ever tried these yet, but i remember they looked crazy. All black and blue…Ill try them this summer…

  3. Rock

    Super potent heavy visuals!

  4. Ciga

    Got them on sale for a nice price. Good times had by all.

  5. Nizz

    Very Enjoyable trip would deft buy more

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