Does weed have an impact on your sex drive? You’re damn right it does! Now I am a product of the very end of the baby boomer generation and a male. So let that serve as your backdrop for this TRUE story which I shall try to make as brief as possible so I don’t run out of courage before I finish writing.


The Trip

Several years back a buddy and I flew down to San Diego after spring finals at UBC to join up with a high school friend who was attending the University of Southern California San Diego. This was the start of a “boys road trip” in our friends 1967 Camaro convertible back up to Vancouver for the summer. And it was by any measure a gong show. One of the few things I can actually remember was hanging a BA at a Convent, hiring a Tranny in San Fran to attend a wedding and object to the marriage of perfect strangers – you get the story.


The parents of our buddy who was attending USC San Diego had a ski cabin at Lake Tahoe which is almost at the Nevada border due east of The Bay Area (San Fran). On this particular day, it was our mission to drive into Lake Tahoe and arrive in time to hit the Casino’s and celebrate your’s truly 21st birthday. My buddies were already 21. The relevance, of course, was that I could get shit-faced legally in the USA. And that we did.


Weed and Sex


What Happened

At some hour beyond when we should have already found the cabin and been asleep, we stumbled through the door accompanied by about 10 newly found friends. Then out came the drugs: weed. Now I had never ever smoked weed. I was too good a boy. But now I am a man and what the hell. I am not sure just how much I had but knew I was in trouble when I was having a meaningful conversation with the zipper on my sleeping bag that I was unable to make work. Finally, inside my bag, I could faintly hear one of my buddies getting quite cozy with a girl who he had hooked up with somewhere in the sea of people who were either passed our or flaked out.

Then it happened. Wave after wave. Goddamn. I am sooooooooooo horny and hard as a rock. Damn this feels good. NO, you cannot jerk off inside your sleeping bag surrounded by people…..hehe but that would be fun. Another set of waves. Oh shit, this cannot be happening. It is happening. Goddamn, I am going to blow my load without even touching myself. Fuck. “Can I have another joint please?”


Weed and Sex


Yes. Weed makes you horny.

Weed and Sex

OK, so enough about the stories and theory. I have researched about 20 sites from Leafly to Psychology Today. It’s not scientific but as best as I can tell, here are the top 3 strains of weed to drive any libido. Have a fun test driving these and let us know how you do!

1 – Trainwreck

When you consume this strain, you should feel less stressed, and it also works well against bouts of depression. It works well if you want to mix weed and sex!

Train Wreck Smalls

2– Green Crack

Green Crack is so effective at getting your body and mind started that a lot of people have started to use it to replace their morning cup of coffee! It is of course also very efficient if you want to try mixing weed and sex with your partner. 

Organic Green Crack Smalls

3 – Tuna Kush

Tuna Kush is one of the best afternoon/evening strains, which makes it ideal if you want to make love to your partner during the day.

Tuna Kush