Cannabis concentrates are some of the most potent products on the market today. With staggering THC levels of 50-90%, concentrates are widely sought by consumers seeking maximum potency, fast-acting relief, and powerful benefits. 

Cannabis concentrates come in a variety of forms, and Greenz is proud to offer a diverse selection of concentrates including hash, rosin, wax, and THC vaporizer cartridges and oil

But what are cannabis concentrates, and why are they so potent? Where do they come from, and how are they made? And what are the differences between the different types of concentrates that Greenz has to offer? 

In this article, we answer these questions and many more. This guide offers an in-depth discussion of everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates. Below, we provide individualized overviews of each type of cannabis concentrate sold by Greenz: hash, rosin, THC oil, and wax.  


What are Cannabis Concentrates? 

Cannabis concentrates are created by distilling the most desirable, potent compounds from the cannabis plant: cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabinoids and terpenes are found in trichomes, small, resinous glands that coat the surfaces of female cannabis plants. Have you ever noticed the layer of sticky crystals that coats high-quality buds? These are trichomes, and these tiny crystalline structures are packed with THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. 

Concentrates are created using extraction methods that strip trichomes from cannabis plant matter, allowing manufacturers to collect trichomes and condense them into a potent, purified mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Types Of Cannabis Concentrates

All cannabis concentrates are created by stripping trichomes and collecting them from the surfaces of cannabis plants. The manner in which this extraction is performed, however, determines whether the concentrate will take the form of hash, rosin, wax, or THC oil. 


Master Kush Sugar Wax



Wax is a butane hash oil (BHO), a term that refers to the butane used as a solvent in the extraction process used to create wax. Butane strips trichomes from the cannabis plant, allowing manufacturers to extract an amber-colored liquid with a solid, malleable consistency. Wax can be vaporized using a dab rig or a vape pen with an atomizer. Dabs are extremely potent, and the effects of dabbing wax kick in immediately. 


Greenz offers premium-quality wax in a variety of strains. Our Blue Dream Sugar Wax derives from the legendary Blue Dream strain, a popular sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers an invigorating, energetic high. Our White Castle Sugar Wax derives from an indica-dominant hybrid known to boost mood and reduce anxiety, while our indica-dominant Cheese Sugar Wax is popular for its uplifting, euphoric effects. 


Honey Oil


THC Oil 

THC oil is created using CO2 extraction, considered by many as safe and highly effective. This concentrate takes the form of a liquid, and is typically offered in the form of vaporizer cartridges. Our THC oil cartridges make the perfect product for those looking for a discreet, odourless product that can be consumed in any setting. 


Greenz offers THC cartridges in three popular strains. Our sativa-dominant Sour Diesel Cartridges are coveted for their energizing, invigorating effects. We also offer high-CBD Haley’s Comet Cartridges, perfect for those seeking powerful relief without overwhelming cerebral effects. Greenz’ Limesicle Cartridges derive from a sativa-dominant hybrid known to boost creativity and focus, making the perfect products for daytime use on-the-go. 


Afghani Hash (Solventless)



Unlike BHOs, hash is created using a solventless extraction process—a major point of appeal for those who prefer concentrates made without the use of harsh chemicals. Typically, hash is dry sifted; manufacturers use a sieve to shake trichomes loose from cannabis plants, and condense the mixture into a brick or slab. 

Hash is easy to consume, and can be sprinkled on top of flower in a joint or pipe. Greenz’s Morrocan Hash is extracted from premium-quality sativa plants, and produces uplifting, stimulating effects.

We also offer bubble hash, a purified form of hash that bubbles and melts when smoked. For those seeking an indica-dominant concentrate, we recommend our Pink Death Bubble Hash. Our Slurricane Melty Pressed Bubble Hash delivers a relaxing and mood-lifting high. We also offer DADY Afghani Hash, and HONDA Afghani Hash. 


Cannabis Concentrate



Rosin is a solventless concentrate that rivals the potency of BHOs such as wax and shatter. Yet unlike its BHO counterparts, rosin is produced without the use of extraction chemicals. Rather, the rosin extraction process uses heat and pressure to strip trichomes from the cannabis plant. Rosin has a sappy, translucent consistency, and can be smoked using a dab rig or dab pen.

Greenz offers a wide variety of rosin products. Our terpene-rich Orange Cookies Rosin is both energizing and relaxing, while our Fruity Cookies Rosin offers a euphoric, creative buzz. We also offer Pink Kush Hash Rosin, derived from an indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing properties. 



Greenz Cannabis Concentrates 

No matter what form they take, cannabis concentrates offer potent effects and powerful benefits. These products are ideal for those seeking cannabis products for maximum potency, or those seeking fast-acting relief from various ailments. By offering a wide variety of concentrates derived from numerous strains, Greenz aims to present a wide variety of options to customers seeking the perfect concentrate to fulfill their unique needs and desired effects.