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So High Distillate

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So High Distillate is a premium and exclusive type of cannabis distillate. Each syringe contains 1g of highly-pure THC distillate, amounting to 95.79% of the content, while the rest is high-quality terpenes. It comes in so many flavours you’ll be left astounded at the diversity and wide range of options. There’s something here for everyone, including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties. This product is hand-crafted with purity and effectiveness in mind!

Few things come close to the high THC concentration and purity of this distillate. Generally, THC Distillates are extremely efficient and fast-acting, but So High Distillate takes this to a new level. Its potency is beyond anything you’ve tried before, and the flavour is very delicious thanks to the added terpenes. You’ll enjoy a premium stoning experience that’ll get you high and happy! Beyond the psychoactive effects lie the therapeutic benefits that you may be interested in.



  • Extremely high THC concentration
  • Comes in three profiles and many flavours
  • Uplifting, cerebral, and healing effects
  • Great for depression and chronic pains

Appearance and aroma


So High Distillate comes in easy-to-use 1g plastic syringes that you can consume at any time. The distillate is yellowish, with an amber tone, and it’s not viscous like other concentrates. Its appearance is rather normal for a THC Distillate of this level and magnitude, though appearances can be deceiving. Once you try it and see just how potent it is, you’ll change your tune.

The aroma depends on the flavour you pick when buying So High Distillate. Besides choosing a profile, you can also choose a specific flavour like Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, Pineapple Express, Lemon Skunk, Sunset Sherbert, and so on. Each flavour is accompanied by specific terpenes that give you a taste of true cannabis deliciousness. It’s an intense experience that you wouldn’t want to miss out on for anything in the world.

Uses and effects


So High Distillate should be used mainly for getting high, obtaining a sweet period of pain relief and comfort, and improving your mood. THC Distillate will get you stoned beyond your wildest dreams because its potency is vastly above anything you’ve tried before. Regular weed strains can’t hope to compare with So High Distillate at its peak. Each syringe contains 99.79% THC, while a medium-to-high strain has 22-25% THC concentration. You do the math and see where that gets you!

So High Distillate offers a highly-potent surge of energetic euphoria at the start, putting you into a state of high-paced adrenaline that gets more violent as time goes on. Your mind will be filled with happiness, joy, motivation, and an electrifying need to get up and start acting. Only when that euphoria ends can the body experience begin. We’re talking about a healing experience that most medical patients here on Greenz have been seeking for a long time. Highly-pure THC Distillate provides unique therapeutic benefits taken to a new level of potency. It can easily help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pains
  • Insomnia
  • Eating disorders
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Multiple sclerosis

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5 reviews for So High Distillate

  1. mtof

    This cart was nice and fruity and smooth. Three puffs gives you a nice mellow head high with no munchies.

  2. Lord

    Green Apple. Crazy nice smell but taste is too overpowering and fake-y. Nice potency. Crappy texture, this oil NEVER hardens/stick or anything…always drippy. Kind of weird really…

  3. Loaf

    Love this bud! Nice and light euphoric and energized feeling. No couch lock. Just makes me want go out and be active. Will purchase again!

  4. capt

    this is awesome flavors and dabs smoothly.

  5. Grym

    This stuff is fantastic!!! Loaded a vape pen and tastes amazing! Super smooth, great buzz with no couch lock for the sativa. Great summer yard work variety!

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