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Drip Extracts Shatter

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Drip Extracts Shatter is a dream come true for most cannabis enthusiasts out there. Its taste is much superior to other shatter products on the market. Depending on the actual strain you choose, the flavour is completely different, yet delicious nonetheless. As for its effects, Drip Extracts Shatter capitalizes on Indica and Sativa dominance to provide suitable benefits in just the right circumstances. The high-quality extraction methods used to make this shatter ensure that its effects are superlative.

When you take a bite from this shatter, your vision starts spinning with euphoria or relaxation. Or both. The effects start as early as 30-40 minutes in, and they’ll be quite potent, depending on the dose you ingested. The flavour becomes evident when you put it into your mouth, and it becomes stronger as it begins to melt in your mouth. When it reaches your stomach, you’ll start exhaling with a specific Shatter flavour.


  • Pure-grade strain options
  • Excellent potency
  • Great Sativa and Indica effects
  • Ideal for anxiety and depression

Appearance and aroma

In terms of appearance, Drip Extracts Shatter has an amber-like colour palette, with tiny bubbles here and there. These occur due to the extraction process, when the resin is exposed to the high-grade butane. The end-result is a glassy and brittle concentrate that takes the form of a yellowish sheet. You can break it into pieces and consume each at a time, or more simultaneously. Though, we recommend sticking to a low dose, especially if you’re a beginner.

The aroma of Drip Extracts Shatter is drool-inducing and delicious, to say the least. You can choose between these strains for different flavours and effects:

  • Lemon Trainwreck: A 70% Sativa strain that sends signals of citric-lemon, gasoline, and spicy earthiness to you. With its help, you’ll go through endless euphoria and energetic journeys into your mind
  • Slurricane: With its creamy OG and blueberry flavour, Slurricane is truly a tasty treat that deserves utmost attention. The 60% Indica profile delivers instant relaxation and soothing sedation to you
  • Pink Kush: Few strains are as relaxing as Pink Kush on its best days. The sweet vanilla aroma mixes up with the fresh flavour of berries and the intoxicating candy-like aroma. This strain boasts a mind-numbing 90% Indica profile
  • Death Bubba: Another Indica-dominant hybrid, Death Bubba puts you to sleep amidst a lemon-citric flavour and the fresh fragrances of pine and wood. It boasts 70% Indica dominance, so shatter made from Death Bubba is very sedative
  • Girl Scout Cookies: GSC needs no introduction. It’s a famous Indica-dominant strain with a unique flavour. The mint, cherry, lemon, and vanilla flavours make for a truly unforgettable experience

Uses and effects 

Drip Extracts Shatter does what it does best and makes you high. Undeniably and unforgettably high. You’ll be so stoned you’ll even forget why you got stoned in the first places. This shatter takes you through a wild experience of euphoria, reinvigoration, relaxation, sedation, and comfort. You’ll feel as if nothing can hurt you anymore or put you down. All the pains and aches disappear in the first hour, and then the fun begins.

The psychoactive effects are one of the main reasons why people consume shatter. And Drip Extracts Shatter delivers sweet yet incredibly potent psychoactive and therapeutic effects. This includes:

  • Improved mood, while decreasing anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Sleep aid
  • Neuroprotection
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Increased appetite
  • Enhanced focus
  • Relief from chronic pains
  • Decreased PTSD symptoms
  • Reduction in bipolar disorder symptoms

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