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SPINS THC Tropical Gummies

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THC Tropical Gummies are made in Vancouver, BC, by SPINS, a unique and creative gummy brand. With cherry, orange, pineapple, and blue raspberry flavours, micro-dosing on these THC-infused edibles enrich the overall experience. Their mentally stimulating and mood-boosting effects may decrease overwhelm caused by stress, anxiety, or even physical aches. Each gummy offers 20mg/40mg THC with 15 gummies per package.


  • 300mg/600mg THC per package
  • Fruity flavours
  • Euphoric and uplifting effects
  • Great for micro-dosing
  • Mood-enhancing and stimulating properties
  • Discreet

Effects Packed In Discretion

SPINS THC Tropical Gummies are an easy and discreet way of consuming cannabis in any setting. Because of this, you can easily pack them up in your carry-on when you are travelling, or have them in your backpack at the office, or on your nature outings with friends.

With tropical fruity flavours, relaxing, pain-relieving, mood-enhancing, and uplifting properties, these THC-infused edibles may help clear away some symptoms of physical discomforts, anxiety, and stress. When consuming these gummies, you may find your state showered with positive feels that could make way for focus, positive vibes, and overall motivation.

With 300mg/600mg THC per package, each gummy containing 20mg/40mg THC, these edibles may relieve symptoms of:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Mild depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Physical aches
  • Headaches

Dosing Is Not The Same For Everyone

Or at least it shouldn’t be. Because of the precise THC dose in each of these gummies, each micro-dosing experience offers consistency. Your tolerance levels will play a role in influencing the effects of these edibles and other factors as well, such as food. Because of these, we do not recommend one specific dose for each user.

Each dosing practice should be personalized to each individual. If you are a newbie, don’t worry, there is a safe practice allowing you to experiment with your tolerance levels to find the right dosage for you personally. Start small and go slow. On your first go, only ingest half or max one whole of these THC gummies and wait for at least two hours.

Some users can experience effects as soon as 15 minutes, but it can easily take even two hours until effects kick in, depending on a variety of factors. But as long as you are starting small and going slow, you are doing it right, soon experiencing great effects in one of the best and safest ways.

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4 reviews for SPINS THC Tropical Gummies

  1. Lord

    Double dose ones rock!

  2. Lord

    Tasty as hell!

  3. Lord

    Spins gummies are really superior!

  4. Nil

    Price per MG is amazing, flavours pop, and the effects are on point. This is a great product for going out to a friends as it is small and fits neatly in a bag or pocket. If toy have little one, do make sure to lock these up tho as the tin is pretty easy to open. If not using for a while store in a zip lock to preserve freshness.

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