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Island Pink

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Island Pink is everything you’re hoping it is. This strain brings a novel Indica experience to the table, one reliant on its 15-18% THC concentration. It can sometimes reach 20% THC concentration, and with its Indica dominance, Island Pink is sure to offer a soothing and relaxing experience. But first, you’ll have to go through the cerebral outburst of euphoria and heightened enthusiasm. One toke from this strain should improve your mood on the spot, making you more receptive to its effects.


  • High THC concentration: 15-18% THC
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • High-pace cerebral high
  • Soothing and sleep-inducing physical effects
  • Pungent and skunky aroma

Appearance and aroma

 Island Pink’s name comes from its rosy and fairy-like appearance. The “pink” in the name reflects the shades of light purple colouring the stalk and some of the leaves. The small yet dense buds are covered in a forest of bright-orange hairs, creating quite a contrasting picture. But the true contrast arrives when you notice the sparkling-white coat of trichomes covering some of the nugs and buds. Island Pink sounds like something you’d drink in a bar, but it’s better than that. Much better!

It comes a time when you have to stop gawking at it and start smoking it. And that’s when the true fun begins. Your taste buds will love the pungent- earthy and skunky flavour that oozes from every bit of Island Pink smoke. It’s a smooth-sailing experience from then on, with a new flavour coming up on the exhale. You’ll feel even more earthiness as you exhale, with a potent skunkiness taking over your mind.

Uses and effects

 Island Pink brings a superb cerebral experience, one steeped in intense euphoria and higher energy levels. As soon as you take that first toke, your mind will go on overdrive, putting you at a higher level of enthusiasm and joy. Your quality of life will improve substantially over the short term as a result. This strain helps you manage symptoms of anxiety and depression through its euphoric effects. When that’s over, the physical effects can begin.

Regarding the therapeutic benefits of Island Pink, you’re more interested in the physical effects. While the cerebral benefits can treat your anxiety and depression, the physical ones can treat your chronic pains and other discomforts. You’ll be in a state of permanent relaxation and comfort, one that soothes your mind and body equally. Island Pink can treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Neuropathic pains
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Lack of appetite
  • Migraines
  • Headaches

2 reviews for Island Pink

  1. ric

    Mellow high with a bit of euphoria, great taste and smell.

  2. capt

    very nice first time trying it got a sample i enjoyed it

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