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Daily Drops CBD 800mg:THC 200mg


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Daily Drops with the ratio of 800mg CBD and 200mg THC could be a great dosing place for both newer and experienced users who are looking to have the therapeutic effects of cannabis without a highly intoxicating high. These CBD-dominant daily drops can be effective in combating inflammation and reducing pain caused by it. Individuals suffering from anxiety may also benefit from the effects of these daily drops. Because the overall properties of this weed tincture also carry calming, relaxing, and stress-reducing effects, the use of these drops may help alleviate stress and induce sleep, helping individuals dealing with insomnia. This 800mg CBD and 200mg THC blend come in a 30ml bottle, great for daily dosing in convenient and creative ways, such as sprucing up your morning coffee. 


  • 800mg CBD and 200mg THC per bottle
  • 30ml bottle
  • CBD-dominant cannabis tincture
  • Pain-soothing and inflammation-reducing traits
  • May help with anxiety and stress
  • Can potentially help with sleep

Beneficial Traits For Inflammation and Pain

It is widely known that both CBD and THC carry and provide health benefits to their users. More and more studies are researching and showing that the different CBD to THC ratios have very specific advantages and beneficial effects. We are going to cover this specific ratio and how it can benefit your needs through daily dosing. 

With 800mg CBD and 200mg THC, the psychoactive high of this blend is significantly small, but the medicinal benefits of CBD are even more so accentuated. You still get to benefit from THC’s effects without getting intoxicated. 

Daily Drops CBD 800mg blended with THC 200mg can be effective in reducing symptoms of:

  • Inflammation
  • Pain caused by inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia 

CBD:THC For Anxiety And Insomnia

The psychoactive high of THC can potentially cause some feelings of anxiety in some users. This is why these daily drops with a high CBD and low THC content can help reduce anxiety while calming the mind and easing tensions in the body. 

This CBD-dominant cannabis tincture can be effective in helping with insomnia because of its stress-reducing, anxiety-relieving, and pain-alleviating properties. 

Ways To Consume

Here are some of the most common and fun ways you can consume Daily Drops:

  • Morning coffee/ tea: using the dropper, add your dose to your morning coffee or tea (or even smoothie or green juice) to prep you for a productive and focused day. 

  • Food items: whether it is sprucing up your salad dressing with these daily drops or adding it into the cream of the dessert you are baking at home, you can benefit from the provided effects either way.

  • Sublingually: this might not be the most fun way, but it is the fastest and most effective method.


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