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Rockstar Kush

(59 customer reviews)

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After partying like a rockstar, the soothing Indica dominant traits of Rockstar Kush is the perfect go-to for winding down. The somewhat rare Canadian genetics are elusive on the scene and ideal for kicking back and relaxing. Beginners beware as the moderately potent nature of Rockstar Kush’s high THC levels can seemingly knock you off your feet in high dosages.


  • Cross of Rockstar x Bubba Kush
  • Indica dominant hybrid (75% Indica to 25% Sativa)
  • Whopping levels of THC averaging between 22-25%
  • Airy and beautifully coloured nugs
  • Pungent in spicy grape aromas

Appearance and Aromas

Rockstar Kush is just as dynamic in aroma and appearance as it is in effects. The fluffy popcorn-like buds are airy and olive green in colour, with hints of purple. Dark amber hairs are sprinkled throughout and the nugs are covered in sticky-icky crystal trichomes.

Beyond the strain’s alluring aesthetic, lies pungent and classic scents that are pleasurable to any consumer. Rockstar Kush emits delightful aromas of grape, with a kick of spice and hints of classic blueberry tastes that some cannabis consumers crave.

The strain’s most prominent scent notes include:

  • Skunky
  • Sweet
  • Lemony
  • Pine
  • Grape
  • Sour

Effects and Medical Use

Rockstar Kush’s Indica dominant influence lends to a long-lasting high that is potent in relaxing effects. With heightened levels of THC, you’ll feel like your head is in the clouds with a pleasant cerebral high that comes with bursts of energy. A strong sense of tranquil bliss comes from its euphoric effects, as its mind effects melt into a calming yet functioning body buzz.

Your mind will be hazy with introspective thoughts, while physically you’ll feel slightly sedated with somewhat couch-locking type effects. Making the strain ideal for nighttime use when you’re ready to kick back and relax from the anxiety of everyday stresses. You’ll be treated to a calm mind, with fine-tuned focus and enjoyable bouts of laughter to carry you off soundly to bed. Rockstar Kush’s most notable effects are –

  • Uplifting euphoria
  • Calming of the mind
  • Energetic focus
  • Exhilarating tranquillity
  • Powerful body buzz

The strain’s ideal combination of mind and body benefits make it ideal for a number of medical conditions. Medical cannabis consumers are increasingly turning to Rockstar Kush to alleviate the following:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic Pain
  • Nausea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Headaches

Tips for Consuming this Strain

Taking it’s appetite boosting trait into consideration, you’ll want to be prepared for the munchies. Get comfy and loaded with snacks as Rockstar Kush will slowly soothe the body into a slightly sedating state of relaxation.

That means, the strain isn’t best for wake-and-bake sessions and is often used as an after-dinner treat. Beginners should proceed with caution due to Rockstar Kush’s high potency levels, and start with low doses at first. As you gauge the strain’s individual effects, you’ll feel more confident in increasing your amounts from there.



59 reviews for Rockstar Kush

  1. Anto

    Nice strain! Good buzz!

  2. Jamm

    Who doesn’t like partying with a rockstar. Nice and tasty with beautiful looking buds

  3. rou5

    This was a great sample gift. VERY KUSHY.

  4. Rich

    Another great batch

  5. Yzer

    This stuff is awesome in every way

  6. Rich

    Great high, great price

  7. AKAK

    Has a wonderful aroma when burning and taste is great

  8. Lulu

    A very pleasant high along with a great nights sleep! I love smoking this at the end of the night to wind down.

  9. Lulu

    Great euphoric high, nice and chill as well. Really enjoyed the taste. Definitely getting again.

  10. ric

    Great strain, intense euphoric come up and then mellows out. Fat buds covered in trichomes. Absolute steal at this price.

  11. ric

    One of my fave strains, intense come up and then it mellows out. Fat buds covered in trichomes. Absolute steal at this price.

  12. Wmok

    Love it. Will definitely buy again

  13. home

    Really enjoyed this one. It’s a great value. Excellent taste and high.

  14. tali

    nice bud really smooth

  15. Herb

    A little expensive, but a rather smooth smoke and buzz…good buy when on sale!

  16. TONY

    Close to the perfect strain if you ask me. For that price, I haven’t met a strain that can compete with this one.

  17. rand

    Best Rockstar i have ever had. will buy again for sure !!!

  18. Wood

    Received a sample of this with my order. What a treat! Great burn, taste, and high. Would recommend.

  19. Nil

    This is not my first time buying this strain here and it will not be my last. I love the strength for the price and it is a perfect bed time buzz to help me deal with pain. If you need something on the stronger end to help keep you asleep I recommend this strain. It also makes a great oil for gummies! For longer rest smoke first then eat a gummy made from this and go to bed. Hours of pain resistant sleep!

  20. gbra

    I liked it, Good smoke and flavour !!

  21. LouD

    High quality strain with nice buds. Good taste and potency. Will buy again

  22. oldm

    very good will get this again

  23. fast

    Really good taste and very potent. I love it.

  24. Carl

    This strain will definitely rock your world!!✋🤟

    P.s. thanks for the gigantic nugs makes me extra extra happy😁✋🙌

  25. dies

    A go to for insomniacs. Really helps with sleeping. Great high

  26. dies

    Rockstar is a staple. A great go too. Will always add to cart. Great before bed. Heavy high. Nice taste.

  27. kayl

    Smells great, potent, would buy again!

  28. kat

    Such nice nugs, great indica for day

  29. oldm

    great stuff

  30. Sham

    If you find this on sale go for it. It’s a great bud for the price. Ive tried stronger, but this is a great product. I use for sleep in eve or for anxiety. Very good !

  31. Carr

    Oh. New favorite! Great for every time of day or night.

  32. Jamm

    Rick and Roll baby!!!!!. Really beautiful bud. Full of crystal and purple. Purple shown through even in the grind. Grab yourself some so you don’t get disappointed

  33. Mark

    Great stuff

  34. Gord

    Would buy again, and again, and again

  35. CD

    Awesome bud…great for all your aches and pains!.. Awesome service as always from GREENZ!!

  36. aure

    very nice lots of crystals great buzz and great price will def order again

  37. Tai

    Good for the price. Nice mellow buzz.

  38. WmkW

    This is good rockstar smell like it should nice one ☝️ !

  39. fufu

    Rockstar is one of my favorite strains from Greenz. This latest batch was a bit dry but still amazing taste and smell and great high, and the sale price makes it very worthwhile. Great for before bed.

  40. anto

    Good deal for the price! Good buzz

  41. Alex

    Really love this one 5/5

  42. oldm

    Nice its on my list now 🙂

  43. cbat

    Another sample and another recommended strain from greenz!!

  44. thun

    nice bud, nice high

  45. Broo

    Got 3 grams of rockstar disappointed I didn’t get more burns very nice & clean would deaf get again

  46. Ajfi

    Potent and tasty, awesome bud.

  47. Alic

    Really good smooth taste, great buzz.

  48. fufu

    good taste, strong buzz, ok smell, good deal for the price

  49. Chan

    Really nice smoke. Got it as a gift twice but then ended up ordering more. I’m definitely ok with it for the price.

  50. katr

    Nice indica, smells really good. Gives a nice relaxed high

  51. andr

    Nothing out of the ordinary. Worked alright for early evening as it lacks heavy potency.

  52. Apac

    No bag appeal in my sample whatsoever. Burns effin perfect tho! Love greenz and the free random samples. Back to the weed. Great buzz for the price. I like the higher end stuff for sure, but if you are on a budget give this a try.


  53. Butt

    Very nice bud, lots of crystals, nice strong smell. Has a nice sweet taste, a very enjoyable strain. I will definitely be ordering some of this, because I only got this amazing “Rockstar” as a free G in one of my orders and I REALLY liked it and would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone! Thanks again for the amazing buds Greenz!! You’re the best!!

  54. Sanj

    Received this as a sample…thanks mr. greenz!! It’s great! I’m I’mpressed and gonna order more, on sale to boot 😜

  55. ccgo

    very nice all round bud, great buzz, awesome price

  56. BenB

    Belle cocotte tres bon buzz

  57. Mj82

    Gave me a good zombie buzz! Thank you greenz:)

  58. Pat

    Great erb. Def will get it again

  59. Josh

    Excellent bud for a great price

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