An increasing amount of the population is discovering the wellness benefits that weed can provide now, more than ever. As ‘wellness’ and ‘self-care’ routines conversely trend, and the shift to organic, and peaceful lifestyles gains cultural momentum.

From elevating moods to specific products designed to provide wellness, cannabis is definitely a natural alternative that many are turning to. Here we’ll cover all the ways consumers are feeling ‘well’ with weed and the latest trends in the world of wellness with weed.

Less stress & self-care

Wellness With Weed – All You Need To Know

Wellness With Weed – All You Need To Know

Getting high, and feeling good seemingly go hand in hand. So, it’s no surprise that as the weed industry advances, so does the fine-tuning of ‘feeling good’ from getting high. As research uncovers exactly how cannabis can reduce stress, and relieve anxiety, many have found on their own that consuming weed is ideal for wellness.

Even if, just by a 1% difference. Most citing stress relief, pain relief and sleep issues as their main drive for consumption. While also noting microdosing as another trend the gender has caught onto for wellness.

Microdosing weed has psychedelic origins where taking small doses of acid, shrooms or ecstasy can provide therapeutic effects without the hallucinogenic experience. Hence, why many parents and moms are turning to the type of dosing in Canada, specifically.

Women leaders in the industry applaud microdosing as a way to relieve stress, anxiety, and pains while still being ‘in-control’ and able to function as normal. Making cannabis just another part of growing self-care routines.

Beyond the smoke

A wide range of topicals, and ‘wellness’ beverages like teas are now being infused with cannabis to provide its self-care benefits in a different manner.

You know cannabis has gone mainstream for wellness, when you see CBD and THC infused beauty products featured by mainstream magazines and retailers. Again, the more information we gain on the plant, the more we come to realize about its unique benefits.

Like how CBD and THC, are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for a plethora of helpful and healing skin effects. Retailers are using these relaxing and soothing cannabinoids in a variety of beauty or spa like products. Including:

Virtually, allowing you to add a mellow marijuana mood to any evening or night of self-care.

Beyond, ‘weed’ tea is another old remedy that has become modernized. As many CBD and THC brands are now offering tea bags, and loose tea to enjoy with your nighttime unwinding routine.

Weed teas serve as an ideal alternative for those who want to avoid smoking, but still want to gain the benefits of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, CBN, CBG, or CBG that can be contained in full-spectrum blends.

Being mindful with marijuana

Wellness With Weed – All You Need To Know

Wellness With Weed – All You Need To Know

Being mindful or mindfulness coincides with the wellness trend, and specifically with yoga and meditation. Since mindfulness is defined as ‘the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something,’ the eye-opening and mind-altering effects of cannabis can certainly help. So, it’s no surprise why weed infused yoga sessions, and meditation practices have risen recently.

Over the years, cannabis connoisseurs have found a few strains are more beneficial for opening the mind for meditation, and the relaxing of the joints for more flexibility for yoga. Overall, for the purpose of wellness, some terpenes provide more beneficial effects than others. So, most of these strains contain the following terps that come along with these classic cannabis scents.

  • Pinene – Pine or wood-like scents
  • Limonene – Citrus or lemony scents
  • Caryophyllene – Spicy and peppery scents
  • Linalool – Floral and herbal scents

To make it even easier, here we’ve compiled the top strains that are used for mindful and wellness activities, like yoga and meditation the most.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid that comfortably relaxes the body, yet is well-balanced for the mind, too. The strain is uplifting for the mood, and provides an ideal combination of energy and soothing.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid that is highly energizing. The strain is well-known for providing a clear-headed high, and provides a blissful euphoria. Super Lemon Haze can also relieve pain relief, allowing your body to feel more comfortable for flexibility.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a classic sativa dominant hybrid that will relax you physically, but stimulate your mind with a cerebral rush of euphoria. It can provide balanced levels of pain relief, without heavily sedating you and have you feeling more tranquil than ever.

Improve your wellness with weed

From morning to night…weed is serving as a natural way to relieve everyday stresses, and feel better overall. New trends in the industry are lending to this way of natural healing, and the masses are catching on. From yoga studios, to moms…it seems weed is everywhere, and quickly breaking the stigmas that just recently surrounded the plant.

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