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Dabs, bubble hash, shatter – smokers have likely heard of countless different types of cannabis extract. However, there’s one extract that’s a little more niche than your average concentrate: Rick Simpson Oil, also called RSO. RSO has an impressive resume: it’s super versatile, easy to use, and it may have several potent health benefits. In this article, we’ll cover all of the RSO basics: what is RSO, where it came from, how it works, and what effects it may have.

Who is Rick Simpson?

Who Is Rick Simpson And What Is Rick Simpson Oil (rso)

Who Is Rick Simpson And What Is Rick Simpson Oil (rso)

Rick Simpson is now known as an international cannabis advocate and the originator of RSO. But it wasn’t always that way. For most of his life, Simpson worked as an engineer in Canada. All that changed one day in 1997, when Simpson suffered a debilitating work-related accident.

On that fateful day, Simpson was performing renovations on the boiler room in a Canadian hospital. His job was to cover asbestos insulation in the room with a coating of glue. Thanks to the toxic fumes present in the poorly-ventilated room, Simpson passed out, fell from a ladder he was working on, and hit head.

When he woke up, he managed to find his coworkers, who took him to the hospital. From that day on, Simpson suffered from several symptoms, including dizzy spells and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). His doctor prescribed him medication, but it didn’t seem to work.

Eventually, Simpson took things into his own hands. He’d seen a documentary about the possible health benefits that marijuana may have and introduced weed into his routine against his doctor’s wishes. In a short time, he saw a reduction in the symptoms that had developed after his fall.

In 2003, Simpson noticed strange bumps appearing on his arm, and his doctor diagnosed him with cancer. He again turned to cannabis to help. He made an extract out of cannabis flower, applied it to a bandage, and covered his cancer for four days. After he removed the bandage, the cancerous lumps on his arm were gone.

From that day forward, Simpson became an outspoken cannabis activist. He grew his own plants and created RSO, eventually branching out to help more than 5,000 victims with his invention. However, it wasn’t exactly a happy ending. Simpson’s home was raided by the RMCP multiple times and lost more than 2,600 plants in the process. That never dissuaded him, though, and he continues his work to this day.

What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

RSO is a type of cannabis oil made by removing plant matter from cannabinoids and terpenes. It appears as a black, sticky, tar-like goop and usually comes in pre-measured containers. RSO is rather unique among extracts: it’s extremely versatile. While many extracts can only be inhaled, RSO can be smoked, vaporized, or taken orally. Rick Simpson himself used RSO as a topical solution that he applied to a bandage and put directly on his skin.

This versatility makes RSO a favourite among casual cannabis users or anyone seeking the plant’s possible medical properties. Often, those unfamiliar with cannabis don’t like smoking it. RSO solves this issue by allowing consumers to take it however they want.

Simpson designed RSO using his own recipe. It was fairly unique among extracts of its type. Many types of cannabis oil, especially those designed for medical purposes, are high-CBB, low-THC extracts.

Extractors use this ratio because it’s believed that CBD provides many of weed’s possible health benefits. THC, in contrast, is widely known as the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Extractors commonly create low-THC oils because they don’t want a user to feel high after taking it.

However, RSO eschews this traditional recipe for a high-THC, high-CBD makeup. Thanks to a phenomenon called the Entourage Effect, the presence of multiple cannabinoids in an extract empowers the possible properties that the overall extract has.

The theory is that, because RSO has a high THC content, the cannabinoids within it work together to improve the extract’s overall effects.

Does Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Work?

Who Is Rick Simpson And What Is Rick Simpson Oil (rso)

Who Is Rick Simpson And What Is Rick Simpson Oil (rso)

Simpson claims that the oil he created helped cure his cancer. It’s a claim that he believes wholeheartedly, and he’s dedicated his life to spreading awareness of weed’s possible health benefits. While there’s still no common consensus among the medical community about marijuana’s ability to fight cancer, some research regarding the subject is promising.

One area where researchers can agree about weed’s possible cancer-fighting benefits is palliative care. Palliative care involves minimizing the pain and discomfort of cancer patients while they undergo chemotherapy and other difficult treatments.

Often, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can have crippling side effects like loss of appetite and poor sleep quality. Thanks to its ability to induce hunger and improve sleep patterns, researchers believe that weed offers a way for those suffering from these cancer-related symptoms to find relief.

There are also some proponents of marijuana who believe that the plan can actually help cure cancer. Weed’s possible cancer-fighting benefits may be twofold. First, some researchers believe that cannabis can prevent cancer from becoming metastatic, or moving from one bodily system to the other. When cancer becomes metastatic, it becomes significantly more dangerous. As a result, preventing cancer from reaching this state can help save lives.

There are also some researchers who believe that cannabinoids like THC can directly kill cannabis cells, reducing the size of tumours and eventually eliminating them altogether. While there is some data backing this theory up, it all comes from animal tests – no human test linking weed and cancer has ever occurred.

Rick Simpson Wrap-Up

As an extremely potent and accessible extract, RSO is ideal for a variety of cannabis consumers. It’s great for anyone who’s seeking to harness the possible health benefits of weed. It’s also easy to smoke, vape, eat, or use RSO as a topical, which makes it perfect for cannabis enthusiasts who prefer edibles to smoking, or vice-versa. If you’d like to explore the possible benefits of RSO yourself, check out our selection at the Greenz web shop.