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Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cake comes from illustrious parents – Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. These are two of the sweetest and most aromatic strains out there. The offspring shouldn’t be too far from that. And it isn’t! Truth be told, one smoke is all you need to realize just how delicious and sweet this strain is. If you close your eyes, you’ll almost start thinking you’re munching on a cherry-honeyed cookie. That’s just how sweet and aromatic it is.

As for its effects and profile, Wedding Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid with enough THC to kick you down and put you to sleep. Though, the Sativa inheritance is also there, placing a stop sign in front of the potential couch-lock state. You’ll navigate between blissful sleepiness and ever-present relaxation. If that’s not the best state to be in, we don’t know what is.


  • 60% Indica dominant
  • Very high THC concentration: 20-25% THC
  • Fruity-sweet aroma
  • Excellent for treating anxiety and depression

Appearance and taste

Wedding Cake looks simply wonderful. The white frosting is all over the place, like a coat of fresh cream splurged on the nugs and flowers. Those are the trichomes, which are also rich in resin. The dark-green leaves will create an impression of density, even though the strain isn’t that dense once you take a closer look. The orange hairs are all over the place, coming out through the frosty coating trichomes to see the light.

The sugary taste and berry aroma bring most of the pleasure you’ll feel when you taste Wedding Cake. If you feel the cookie sweetness, that’s reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies, from which is strain was bred. Cherry Pie offers the other half of this delicious flavour. The first smoke also works as an appetite stimulator, which makes you hungrier than the usual. Having a few snacks close by is a good idea to keep your hunger at bay.

Uses and effects

There are two uses for Wedding Cake. One – you get high and stoned, to experience the true psychoactive journey of a lifetime. With a couple of smokes from Wedding Cake, you’ll go into a couch-lock state where breathing is about the only thing you can do. Though, this is a 60% Indica strain, and it doesn’t put you to sleep completely. The 40% Sativa ensures you’re relatively active and aware of your surroundings.

Regarding its medical uses, Wedding Cake is a perfect analgesic. Its calming effects extend both to psychological and physical issues. When you don’t know what to do about your medical symptoms, Wedding Cake is here to help! It can alleviate a wide variety of medical conditions and symptoms. Patients who experience depression and related symptoms should give this strain a shot. You can also use it for:

  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Headaches

4 reviews for Wedding Cake

  1. Lord

    A tasty classic, this here was top notch!

  2. GvGv

    Very good and smooth

  3. capt

    gassy and good stunk up an entire apartment building

  4. JayS

    At first I got maybe a gram of this, was decent, but then I got an Oz on sale. Meh… I see why the price dropped. Maybe they opened a new bag from a different plant

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