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Voltair 510 Pen & Charger

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Never get caught without a vape battery again! Cannabis concentrates are one of the most popular ways to consume weed, and have become insanely popular over the past 10 years or so. It’s easy to see why: they’re hugely powerful and taste great.

Part of that popularity comes from concentrate cartridges. Cartridges allow smokers to vape concentrates without the clunky mess of a dab rig. However, you can’t vape cartridges without a battery.

That’s where this Voltair 510 Battery Kit comes in. The Kit includes everything you’ll need to vape a concentrate cartridge (minus the cartridge itself – those are sold separately).


  • Kit includes Battery and USB Charger
  • Sleek design – two colours
  • Simple single-button design
  • Works with any 510 threaded cartridges


Voltair’s 510 Battery Kit comes with two components: a 510 threaded Battery and a USB Charger. Choose between two Battery colours: matte black and sleek white. USB Charger accepts power from any USB source like electronic devices. Adapter required to charge directly from wall.

Features and Operation

Voltair’s 510 Battery Kit is super easy to use. Just screw the Battery into the USB Charger to power it up. Then, you can attach any 510 threaded cartridge to the Battery and get to vaping!

  • The single-button vape battery is intuitive and easy to use:
  • 5 clicks to power the Battery on or off
  • 2 clicks to initiate 15-second heating mode (1 click to stop)
  • 3 clicks changes voltage for hotter tokes

Additional Information

6 reviews for Voltair 510 Pen & Charger

  1. Lord

    Black one is Perfect.

  2. Lord

    White one gets dirty/used/ugly easier/faster. Otherwise, cheap and does the job A1. Among the best cheap 510 pens actually!

  3. hann

    Good battery life!

  4. Wmok

    Works great. Use once and a while in low key situations.

  5. Rich

    Works perfectly, great price

  6. LD

    Great quality. Doesn’t take long to charge. Lasts a while!

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