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Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue

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Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue comes in multiple sizes, and it is excellent for smoking and vaping, consumed as an edible orally, or applied topically. This concentrate contains approximately 70% THC and over 75% cannabinoids making this oil extremely potent and effective. Viridesco DTO Oil Garlic Glue is refined from a full-plant extract, and it goes through a nano-filtering and winterizing process to create one of the most potent and pure cannabis concentrates.



  • About 70% THC
  • Over 75% of cannabinoids
  • Excellent for vaping, smoking, topical, and oral use
  • Available in different sizes
  • Comes in Eos Dispenser for accurate dosing
  • Discreet and easy to use


Effects and Benefits


Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue is a full-spectrum premium cannabis oil that contains the most beneficial elements of marijuana flowers. Because it can be used in a variety of different ways, it can easily meet the needs of many individuals who prefer different methods when it comes to using cannabis.


This highly concentrated red oil carries uplifting and energizing effects that can help you regain your focus, mental clarity and sharpness, turning problem-solving situations into easy and efficient tasks. Its euphoric high can clear out the negative effects of stress, depression, or anxiety, leaving you feeling happier, more upbeat, positive, and motivated.


Medicinal Properties


Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue, besides its euphoric and mood-boosting effects, also offers pain-relieving properties. Pain is one of those aspects of someone’s life that can be more than demotivating, it can be easily crippling and greatly restrictive.


It can be almost impossible to concentrate on the projects in front of you at work, or to be productive at home with physical activities, or to enjoy a fun social gathering when pain stabs you and keeps you captive to its unpleasantry. This cannabis concentrate can relieve a variety of physical pains and aches, including migraines, joint pains, back pains, muscle cramps, or pain caused by an injury.


The Best Method For You


If you don’t want to vape or smoke cannabis, then you can easily use Viridesco DTO Garlic Glue either orally or topically to benefit from its potent and fast-acting effects.


You can easily massage this oil into your skin directly onto the affected area, and you can continue doing so until you reach the desired effects. You can also apply the needed dosage under your tongue for sublingual absorption, or you may add it into your baking for a more delicious experience. The Eos Dispenser offers you precise dosing with each use.

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