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Twisted Extracts Indica ZZZ CBD & THC Raspberry Gummies

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This new offering from Twisted Extracts is the bomb. These Raspberry Bomb Gummies contain a bold blend of 40 milligrams of THC and 40 milligrams of CBD, a 1:1 ratio that give this Twisted Extract treat both form and function. If you’re a fan of getting super-stoned, locked into a couch, and staying there, these are the edibles for you.

These Raspberry Bomb Gummies use the Entourage Effect to amplify their possible traits. The Entourage Effect postulates that if an extract, edible, or strain has more than just one cannabinoid, it’ll empower or change its high. This may apply to medical benefits too. Since CBD is one of the most medically beneficial cannabinoids, these gummies may be a tasty tool for patients seeking relief.

Regardless of whether you’re a patient seeking medicine or a stoner looking for a new kind of relaxing high, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Twisted Extracts’ 1:1 THC/CBD Raspberry Bomb Gummies. With 8 gummies per pack, you can choose your ideal dosage. Don’t waste any time, try these excellent edibles today!


  • Potent cannabinoid profile: 40 milligrams THC, 40 milligrams CBD
  • Possible relaxing, sedative effects
  • Explosive tangy raspberry flavour
  • Classic gummy treats are always a hit

Flavour and Appearance

Twisted Extracts loaded each of these Raspberry Bomb Gummies with an explosion of tongue-tingling tangy flavour. Some supremely sweet notes follow up that tart taste, giving these treats a long and wide flavour profile. With that being said, you don’t need to be a foodie to enjoy these edibles, though.

In addition, Twisted Extracts really nailed the ideal gummy texture with these Raspberry Bomb Gummies. They’re juicy on the inside and robust on the outside, gushing and oozing with flavour as soon as you bite down on them. Just don’t enjoy them too much – they do make you high, after all!

Uses and Effects

Some stoners will tell you that THC content is all that matters. Those people are uninformed, and that rule isn’t always the case. Twisted Extracts demonstrates that perfectly with these 40 milligram THC / 40 milligram CBD Raspberry Bomb Gummies.

Thanks to the Entourage Effect, the 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD that these gummies contain may be particularly powerful. They’re made with THC and CBD extracted from indica plants, giving them an extremely sedative high. That makes them perfect for chilling out after a long day, either with friends or in solitude. Don’t eat them too early in the day though, or you may find yourself slipping into an unexpected mid-morning nap.

3 reviews for Twisted Extracts Indica ZZZ CBD & THC Raspberry Gummies

  1. Yzer

    Bought this again. Really hard to beat the value here

  2. Bull

    Great product for those who have trouble sleeping.

  3. Yzer

    These are blue raspberry flavor. Tastes great to start them get very weed tasting. Nice little 1:1 buzz

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