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Tri-Colour Ecuadorian

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Tri-Colour Ecuadorian is one of the best shrooms to get high with. This comes from countless consumers who’ve tried it and claimed it was the best stoning in their lives. What makes this mushroom strong is the high level of psilocybin. Once you eat some, the psilocybin will go straight for the kill and flood your mind with hallucinations, synesthesia, feelings of deep shamanistic revelations, and even time warping events. Everything becomes confusing as you drift even further into the high!

Though very aggressive and euphoric during the initial phase, Tri-Colour Ecuadorian is anything but a brute. Quite the opposite! It has a very soothing and dreamy high that almost puts you to sleep. Reports show that this strain is quite visual, with vivid and relaxing hallucinations that improve your mood and motivation instantly. It can be quite soothing to experience sedation and relaxation while your mind wanders freely under guidance from your own imagination, right?


  • Very high level of psilocybin
  • Potent euphoria
  • Intense hallucinatory potential
  • Highly intoxicating
  • Dreamy high

Uses and effects

Tri-Colour Ecuadorian doesn’t play around, at least not in the beginning. From the first moment you consume it, it’ll send a powerful surge of energetic euphoria to your mind. It feels as if you just got jolted back to reality from a deep sleep. The rejuvenation is real, and as you go further into the high, it becomes even more evident and enjoyable. Though, the euphoria quickly turns into a hallucinatory journey into your own mind, one that’s very relaxing and sedative. You’ll absolutely love the soothing hallucinations that come to you!

Among the many uses for the Tri-Colour Ecuadorian is the medical application. This mushroom can indeed be used therapeutically to alleviate specific medical conditions or symptoms. You may suffer from chronic pains, insomnia, cluster headaches, depression, or even anxiety. Well, consume a dose of Ecuadorian and its intoxicating effects should help you manage your symptoms for the next few hours. The effects kick in fast and last for a long while!

Tips for recommended dosage

Tri-Colour Ecuadorian should only be consumed orally, by eating it. And you should stick with the recommended dose. A regular dose is about 2-3 grams per session. Stray away from that and you could stumble on a bad trip, which isn’t nice at all. You could come face to face with some of the negative side-effects of a bad trip. These side-effects include:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased heart rate

A regular dose should be more than enough to get you stoned beyond your wildest belief. What’s more, Ecuadorian is extremely potent in its own right, so even a regular dose may be too much for a complete beginner. Your tolerance level is very important, especially when you haven’t consumed mushrooms before. This particular strain offers a highly intoxicating experience steeped in vivid hallucinations, confusing synesthesia, time warps, and more. If you go beyond 2-3 grams, you do it perfectly aware that you could go into a bad trip.

2 reviews for Tri-Colour Ecuadorian

  1. SabS

    These are great, not much visuals but intense euphoria.

  2. capt

    these are good well liked!

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