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Sunkiss CBD


  • Brand: Yaletown Flower Co.

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This Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for smokers seeking something they can smoke all day. In addition, Sunkiss CBD may have a significant number of health benefits thanks to its ridiculously-high CBD content. So go ahead and spark up this strain at any time of day – it’s perfect for fast-paced mornings or unwinding after a long day of work.


  • Sativa-dominant hybrid: 70/30 cross
  • Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk cross
  • Low THC, high CBD strain
  • Perfect all-day strain for wake-and-bakes

Uses and Effects

Thanks to this Sunkiss’ high CBD content, it has a slew of possible health benefits you normally wouldn’t find in a THC-heavy strain. That isn’t to say that this strain doesn’t provide a satisfying Sativa high – it does. However, where it really shines is in the benefits it may possess. As a high-CBD strain, Sunkiss activates receptors in a smoker’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This bodily system controls several important functions like immune system response. Thanks to its high CBD content (about 15 percent), this strain may have several effects including:

  • Reduction of inflammation and pain
  • Increased appetite
  • Boosted sleep quality
  • Improved mood
  • Relaxing, calming feelings

Although Sunkiss has a relatively low THC content, this actually helps to activate the possible benefits of the strain’s CBD. Cannabinoids are more powerful together than alone. In fact, the presence of one cannabinoid can significantly increase the effects of another. This phenomenon, called the “Entourage effect” also extends to terpenes.

Appearance and Tips for Use

Sunkiss boasts robust orange and amber hairs crowned with a glistening coat of trichome crystals. It features an earthy, spicy aroma with hints of pine and citrus fruit. As the buds burn, its aroma turns to a pungent smell similar to a skunk’s scent.

This potent CBD-heavy strain is perfect for any time of day. Just pack a bowl or roll a joint with Sunkiss flower and spark it up. If you need to buy weed in Canada, don’t worry. You’ve already found the easiest way to buy marijuana in Canada. At Greenz, we make it easy to buy cannabis online. Just place your order and we’ll ship it directly to your door within 5 business days.


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