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Strawberry Cough

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Some strains become so iconic they go viral. That’s exactly what happened with Strawberry Cough. This sativa-dominant hybrid has become a household name. Developed by a former High Times magazine writer, Strawberry cough first emerged in 2000. Some claim that it’s a cross between Strawberry Field and some Haze variety.


  • Respectable THC content between 15 and 22 percent
  • Infamous strawberry flavour
  • Notorious coughing strain
  • 80 percent sativa-dominant genetics

Strawberry Cough: Effects

Strawberry Cough gets its unique high from two variables. First, the strain’s above-average THC concentration is a significant contributor to its quality. Second, Strawberry Cough’s genetics play a critical role in its high.

As an 80 percent sativa-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Cough provides a pleasant buzz. It’s an uplifting and euphoric rush with noticeably cerebral qualities. It may be effective at boosting creativity, making this strain a favourite of artists. Finally, it may be able to banish a smoker’s unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Strawberry Cough could also be a boon for medical patients. Users report that Strawberry Cough could relieve:

  • Migraines
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Low appetite
  • Ongoing pain
  • Inflammation

One notable advantage to Strawberry Cough: its sativa heritage. Smoking it doesn’t make users tired, so it’s a great all-day strain.

Look, Flavour, and Appearance of Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough gets its name from its bold flavour and aroma. It features three notable scents: strawberry, sweet, and earthy tones. Sparking Strawberry Cough changes some of its flavour profile to incorporate sweeter berry tastes and double down on its strawberry identity.

Strawberry Cough isn’t complete without looking at the second word in its name, though. When ignited, the strain is extremely harsh and often causes coughing fits. Those coughs complete this strain’s distinctive character.

According to lore, Strawberry Cough received its distinctive strawberry flavour because the strain’s original breeders grew it in a strawberry patch. The strawberry patch served a practical function: controlling the distinctive stink of weed plants.

Strawberry Cough is also visually appealing. Flowers are small and dense – a testament to its grower. Buds are usually a forest-green colour. Running between the buds are Strawberry Cough’s unusual red hairs. A sea of trichome crystals coats the nugs, leaving a sticky residue on the fingers.

4 reviews for Strawberry Cough

  1. Sham

    Really enjoy this strain. Great happy high that lasts long. Nice flavour and texture. Will buy again!

  2. Remp

    The buds are nice and sweet smelling. One of my fav sativas.

  3. Anto

    Awesome! The smelling and the buzz is good! Daytime!

  4. bal0

    Very nice buds and smooth high. Great stuff

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