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Strawberry Banana

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Pungent in fruity and delicious scents, and potent in high levels of THC, you can’t go wrong with this Indica dominant hybrid. Strawberry Banana comes from a classic lineage of genetics that produce intoxicating and relaxing effects with a crave-worthy fragrance and taste. The gene is increasing in popularity due to its whopping average of 22-26% THC and chill vibes it delivers.

Strain Highlights

  • Cross of Crockett’s Banana Kush x Strawberry Bubblegum
  • Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica to 30% Sativa)
  • Potent levels of THC
  • Compact and crystal-covered buds
  • Satisfyingly sweet, fruity and delicious aromas

Appearance and Aromas

Strawberry Banana buds are typically small to medium in size with a fluffy and airy structure. Their hue is light and semi neon green with a tint of yellow, and the nugs are highlighted by bright orange pistils.

The crystal coating of trichomes is similar to that of a sugar topping just adding to the sweetness of the strain. As well as the potency, too. The strain is pungent in deliciously satisfying fruity and creamy aromas that you’ll crave after just trying it once.

Strawberry Banana’s most prominent scent notes include:

  • Sweet
  • Fruity
  • Creamy
  • Hash-like
  • Spicy
  • Berries

Effects and Medical Use

Similar to many Indica dominant hybrids, the relaxing effects of Strawberry Banana build gradually throughout your buzz. Its high begins with a cerebral rush to the mind that starts mild and gains momentum as time goes on. As your experience progresses you’ll be treated to feelings of euphoria with an overall lifting of the mood.

The hybrid characteristics lend well to being relaxed and motivated enough to calmly focus on your to-do’s for the day. The strain also is notorious for slightly trippy effects that are ideal for watching movies, taking a hike in the woods or appreciating the arts.

You’ll soon feel a warm tingly sensation of Strawberry Banana’s body buzz taking effect. Allowing you to kick back and relax after exploring your inner-thoughts or outside surroundings. Because of its late on-set couch-lock type symptoms, it’s a hybrid strain that’s best suited for late afternoon or nighttime use.

Strawberry Banana’s most notable effects include:

  • Uplifting euphoria
  • Promotion of creativity
  • Free-thinking mindset
  • Mood elevating
  • Soothing relaxation

The strain is well-liked not only by recreational users but medical consumers, too. Strawberry Banana’s beneficial effects are ideal for treating common conditions or symptoms like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Mild to moderate pain

Tips for Consuming this Strain

Due to its intoxicating scent, Strawberry Banana’s smoke tends to be quite pungent. This is a factor you’ll want to keep in mind when consuming discretely or in public. Also, keep in mind that the strain is noted for producing dry eyes and dry mouth, so you’ll want to keep water and eye drops on hand if partaking in social settings.

With its potent levels of THC, beginners should begin with lower doses and increase when comfortable with their personal effects. Those consumers who are adverse or sensitive to psychoactive effects or panic and paranoia are also advised to begin with smaller amounts, due to heightened amounts of the THC cannabinoid.



39 reviews for Strawberry Banana

  1. Lord

    Might be the sweetest smell ever. Plus fat buds.

  2. Tony

    Smelling really nice! Good buzz!

  3. Minz

    Excellent night time bud

  4. bal0

    Great stuff great price

  5. Boba

    Smells great, smokes well. I like it. Great price.

  6. Nizz

    nice buds will deft buy again when back in stock

  7. ric

    Smells like fruit loops. Smokes great with a mellow high.

  8. bal0

    Not my favorite strain but the Smell,taste and high are nice. And for the price theres no wrong

  9. Mike

    Great fruity flavor with a nice pick me up, good size nugs

  10. grim

    Points for fruitiness but rather mild effects.

  11. ninj

    Kinda hoping for more in most departments of this strain. A little more aroma and flavour would have been nice. Feel a bit bad giving this bud my worse review but hey, just wasn’t a big fan.

  12. Rrii

    Nice day time smoke. Great fruity flavour to it.

  13. latr

    Just got this as a sample with my last order.. It is absolutely gorgeous and the smell is amazing. It is indeed pretty strong but I still think the price is a a bit high for what it is.

  14. Sale

    The smell on this is amazing, it busts up really nice. Smoked this after work and it chilled me out without making me tired. Will be ordering more of this in the future for sure!

  15. Mina

    I am now a believer I would will order again

  16. Peac

    Loved this strain, will definitely order more. Smells like froot loops and has a happy uplifting buzz for any time of day!

  17. Greg

    Got this as a thank you and it has great fruity taste and a real winner of a bud!

  18. Irie

    Really liked this strain a lot I should have got more. For people who think it is going to taste like bananas and strawberries you are somewhat crazy it is not vape juice or frozen yogurt lol…
    it definitely is not going to taste like bananas but it does however have a very strong kush/fruity smell and taste that keeps you coming back for more. I will be getting more for sure

  19. Broo

    Hi guys just a note to say I purchased some of the strawberry banana & it was very tasty & smooth nice burn & the high is not to overpowering so if u are thinking of trying it u will not regret it thanks Greenz

  20. Fros

    Tastes great and is nice and level no major peaking.

  21. asha

    Delicious stuff and actually tastes nice and fruity. Good buzz and good price.

  22. Trev

    Very good strain do not hesitate to add some of this to your cart

  23. Jonn

    This strawberry banana flower is so tasty it’s unfit! This stuff is so smooth and enjoyable both day and night.

  24. Krae

    This stuff is amazing, nice fruity smell and taste and is also nice and smooth. Quite strong too, but doesnt make you too tired. Love it!

  25. Benn

    Finally got around to trying some of this from my first order. I like this strain when i want to smoke something with indica effects without getting too sleepy. Its nice and fruity smelling, burns smooth, very nice on the exhale, definitely a must try.

  26. coha

    Tastey, fruity. Burned clean and nice grey ash. Cured perfectly. Nugs were small but trimmed nicely. Uplifting buzz, great for smoking any time of the day. No major appetite gain. Great for anxiety,

  27. TopP

    I was expecting some kind of sweet and fruity strain and it was exactly what I got! The high made me so happy and relaxed that I have a grin on my face everytime I smoked some. Btw, it’s also a great strain to vape because you taste even more the Strawberry and the Banana.

  28. thun

    very fruity! pretty dank aswell, smells like if i bit into it it would gush out amazingness haha

  29. Laur

    Olivier had the word —- > Its a GEM!!!

    I was about to order a second one just to be sure to get one before its out of stock… and you know what? its only been a week and its already out!! And im not even surprise! Why are we all ordering from Greenz? they always got the best treasure for our quest and adventure in tasting new TERPENS!

    Really impress by this one, the nugz are big, smushy and nicely trim. My batch was so fresh that i let it cure two more days. so its gonna be perfect for like 30 days!
    The high is smooth and easy to swim trew. Not too heavy on the head but you will easally be able to either sleep or do something of your day. Nothing to say except maybe that its not a big heavy hit (if your looking for that).
    And finaly, for all my terps fan… THAT SMELL!!!! sooooo much impress! really fruity, the taste is excactly like the buddy of straw-nana you can also order from greenz and your jare smell like a F- smoothie!

    I hope you guys will have something new just like that coming soon, its definitly putting the bar high on the flavor quest!
    thank you Greenz!

  30. herb

    Just had all these issues sorted out. I got off on the wrong foot with the first customer service rep but thankfully I came to an understanding with Tom and I have been reassured that he will discuss the issues with those involved. I apologize for the overreaction and I did label the ticket low priority after all so I could use some patience instead of just writing the entire customer service off over a simple misunderstanding (and a bad day on top of that).

    If anything, the fact that my review was still approved without editing despite the fact that I was being a cranky asshole is a testament to Greenz’s integrity.

    Apparently they use two box sizes and I happened to get the thin one. I have been reassured that the appropriate sizes will be chosen more carefully. As for the dryness issue, I hope I didn’t give the impression that it was bone dry. It’s not like it’s dry to the point where you can crush it into powder but it is probably closer to the end of the batch which I understand. I have them sitting in jars with bovedas and I just realized that I’ve opened and closed them frequently which is probably why they didn’t seem to help after a few days.

    Anyways, I got so wrapped up in criticizing the customer service that I did zero justice to the product itself. This stuff is potent and beautiful and the buds are big and dense. It gets me euphoric and relaxed without locking me to the couch so it’s great for afternoons and evenings.

    4/5 for the product and 5/5 for the customer service. I really should’ve taken a deep breath (or better yet a deep toke off this product hahaha) before trying to tarnish Greenz’s hard earned reputation. Much thanks for reaching out and once again my apologies for the assholery.

    • GreenzTeamGuy

      Everyone has a bad day Herb,

      Glad we could work things out!

  31. Josh

    I understand but he was talking about your service like it was awful and its far from that. I get why you cut it off tho. Cheers you guys are the best

  32. Josh

    I honestly enjoyed this one. My buds were not dry at all or squished. It didn’t smell to much like strawberries or bananas but it had a nice fresh fruity smell and it was pretty potent. A great strain to smoke during the day. I don’t understand why this guy is hating on greens service. Greenz has the best service out of any site hands down and I have ordered from many. They also gave you a coupon and you still bashing them if I was greenz *****************edit***************

    • GreenzTeamGuy

      Cheers Josh, sorry but had to cut the end off, lets keep it about the product.

      There is lots of personal preference involved in cannabis and everyone is welcome to there opinion.

  33. herb

    I agree with all the reviews from this month. My buds were also squished and and I also found that the smell and taste were pretty weak from being too dry. It’s just a faint sweetness that isn’t particularly like strawberries or bananas. It’s still frosty and aesthetically pleasing but that’s about it.

    I brought these two issues up with customer service and all I got was a 15% coupon offer for my next order and the blame was shifted on me since dry and squished buds are apparently just a matter of preference and taste. The customer service rep also had the nerve to mention that there were no complaints in the reviews (which were all from November before the newer ones were posted) and that he had smoked it and tried it. I tried to be nice about it too so 0/5 for the so-called customer service.

  34. Mitr

    I don’t smell bananas or strawberries…

  35. Drew

    It’s pretty good but definitely not the nicest iv had on here, my buds were pretty squished but were nice and sticky and smelled like a cheesy fruity strain, I didn’t smell no bananas lol but I think the previous comments were for a different batch. Nonetheless still pretty decent for the price.

  36. Olivier

    I’m not one to enjoy fruity strains but I was intrigued by the genetics on this one being an indica with bubble gum and ghost og in there. I trusted Greenz and I trusted Reserva Privada genetics and yet again I was blown away.

    First off they look wonderful, light green with tons of trichomes. Looks like candy.
    The smell is INSAAAAANE. Never have I smelt weed with such an ‘on point’ non-weed smell. And it’s an indica ?! Huge props to both growers and breeders. This doesn’t smell like kush, haze, og, earth, gas, fruit, sweet, hash, citrus or anything it smells like BANANA and STRAWBERRY. This smells EXACTLY like the strawberry banana smoothies of my childhood. Love it. Taste is similar. 5/5

  37. ameer73

    The smell on this is amazing!!! Unreal fitting smell that explodes when I open the jar I have it in. What I got was more popcorn nugs (mostly around .3s) which was a little bit disappointing but the flower was great! And as the person above said, it’s great for daytime and will not couch lock or get you sleepy.

  38. Number1shanker

    Well it’s hard to say anything more then the first review this guy pretty much said it all and I agree! This stuff is awesome and it flew off the shelves so I’m glad I grabbed an oz while I could! Very potent though and great smell which gets even better when you break it out, Worth every penny. Oh and the best part is you can smoke it during the day and still wanna do things

  39. JimBob

    If you are hesitating about getting this strain, definitely don’t. I wasn’t sure what to expect as there were no reviews yet but what i received was far beyond my expectation. I have smoked a lot of craft cannabis over the past few years and this stuff is honestly top 5 maybe even top 3. When you first open the bag you are hit with the most appealing feature of this strain, the sweet banana terpenes with hints of strawberry, almost smells like those banana marsh-mellow candies. Super potent cannabis that hits hard and has both spacey head effects and a relaxed body sensation.

    Buds are all about medium size and coated in milky white trichomes. I Highly highly highly recommend this strain, you will not be disappointed.

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