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Space Cookies

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The result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies with and an Afghani descendant, Space Cookies is an insanely powerful hybrid and a member of one of the most famous families of strains. Like other members of the Girl Scout Cookies genetic line, Space Cookies was bred with an eye towards THC concentration. As a result, it boasts a fairly high THC concentration, topping out in some cases at 25 percent. While other Girl Scout Cookies descendants generally have a Kushy, pungent aroma, Space Cookies emphasizes a different flavour, focusing on sweet and piney tones.


  • Hybrid genetics – balanced high
  • Super-powerful THC concentration
  • Unique terpene profile that differs from other GSC strains

Appearance and Aroma

One of the first things you may notice about Space Cookies isn’t its aroma. Instead, this strain draws smokers in visually with its broad colour palette, boasting bursts of red, purple, blue, and green hues. Brightly-coloured hairs rise triumphantly from between buds, coated in a trichome blanket.

That’s not to say that this strain’s aroma isn’t impressive, though. It features less of the trademark Kush flavour than its Afghani or GSC parent, making it a standout among Cookies strains. The faint smell of pine rounds out Space Cookies’ aroma.

Its flavour is no slouch, either. Once you spark this strain up, your taste buds will be greeted with a symphony of sweet flavours mixed with tangy pine from one of this strain’s main terpenes, pinene.

Uses and Effects

In another stark change from Cookie family tradition, Space Cookies isn’t a heavy-hitting indica. Instead, it’s a hybrid with a more balanced high. Smokers report feeling relaxed but not tired, euphoric but not overstimulated. Because of this strain’s high THC concentration, though, new smokers should tread lightly, lest this strain’s body load lock them to a couch.

For medical users, Space Cookies may offer several benefits. Some reports indicate that cannabis may be an effective way to reduce swelling, eliminate chronic pain, increase appetite, improve sleep, and more. As a result, it may be an effective way to mitigate the symptoms of several health issues. These include:

  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Insomnia
  • Neuropathic pain


2 reviews for Space Cookies

  1. ric

    Beautiful dense buds, relaxed mellow high, good for night time.

  2. Doji

    Pretty solid stuff, loved the flavor and the look of the nugs.

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