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Purple Punch

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Purple Punch holds ample THC reserves, up at 18-20%, which means the high will be very potent and intense. The blueberry aroma will introduce one of the most comprehensive cannabis experiences you’ve had. From euphoria to relaxation in a single step, Purple Punch delivers great effects and health benefits. You’ll wish you’d have found this strain earlier. Do you dare take on its high THC concentration?

If you do, then sedation is waiting for you. Despite its 80% Indica-dominant profile, this strain will send a powerful surge of euphoria during the initial phase. Your chaotic thoughts get reduced to cinders, and relaxation overwhelms your mind. Everything becomes mellow, calm, and tranquil, which leads you into a state of perpetual sedation. Purple Punch is everything you could ask for in the case of depression and anxiety.


  • High THC concentration: 18-20% THC
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Delicious berry-grape flavour
  • Euphoric and sleepy
  • Great for insomnia, anxiety, and depression

Appearance and aroma

 The berry-grape aroma of this strains is ever-present form the very first moment you take a toke. Purple Punch is a cross between Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps, two of the fruitiest strains in existence. It’s no surprise this strain is sweet, aromatic, and fruity in its smoke. Speaking of smoke, Purple Punch delivers a smooth and flavourful smoke that tastes of sweet vanilla, and earthy herbs.

It’s all you could ask for in a single plant – Purple Punch impresses even veteran consumers with its berry flavour. This plant is made up of fluffy neon-green nugs with the occasional red hairs spread around the nugs. Finally, the thick coat of frosty trichomes covers everything in a delicious white resin of crystals. The plant is waiting for you to start smoking it right now, so don’t waste any more time!

Uses and effects

Purple Punch is a potent strain that emphasizes psychoactive euphoria and sedation. These are the first things you’ll notice upon smoking Purple Punch: light-headedness, euphoria, improved creativity and mood, relaxation, and finally sedation. There are only so many effects that Purple Punch can deliver. Most medical patients will also be glad to know that this strain is helpful for many medical symptoms, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Mild cases of appetite loss

Purple Punch is a scrumptious and delicious weed strain that never ceases to amaze you. You’d think the fruity flavour is all there is to it, but the sweet vanilla aftertaste destroys your preconceived notions. This extra bit of aroma adds tons of enjoyability to the table. As for the effects, the fact that Purple Punch can sedate your body and improve your quality of life is already a great thing. That it heals severe medical afflictions like chronic pains, depression, and insomnia, is an extra bit of excellence worth acknowledging!

2 reviews for Purple Punch

  1. Pri

    Was expecting better. Really mellow high but smooth

  2. Bouw

    Amazing stuff ..great kick,burn and taste

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