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Pure Hemp Rolling Papers Kingsize


1 Booklet – 33 Papers
108mm x 44mm

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Sometimes, you need a huge joint to get the job one. These papers are fit for a king, measuring a whopping 108 mm by 44 mm. Made from pure hemp and natural gum, these papers are perfect to share with friends.

In contrast, a brave stoner can try to finish one of these joints by themselves – although that might take several sittings. These papers can do more than just roll huge joints, though. They also feature a super-clean unbleached recipe, eliminating some chemicals like chlorine.

That makes them perfect for tasting the flavour of your weed, not your papers. It also allows for a faster, easier burn, helping smokers get THC inside their bodies more quickly.


  • Huge size: 108 mm by 44 mm – nearly as long as regular joints
  • 33 papers per pack
  • Ingredients: pure hemp pulp, natural gum
  • Made from unbleached wood pulp – less harmful chemicals

Uses and Effects

Often, the most intimidating thing about a joint isn’t its size – even with King Size papers like this. Instead, some smokers shy away from joints because of the entire process behind rolling them. Don’t be intimidated, though. Once you master this technique, you’ll quickly become the designated joint roller in your group of smokers.

First, make sure that your weed is broken up into a fine dust or powder. Grinders are a huge help for this. Then, apply a generous portion of weed in a line down the middle of these King Size papers. Roll the paper in a tube shape to tighten the weed into a cylinder. Then, lick the gum and roll. Apply pressure, and you’re ready to smoke!

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