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Premium Cannabis Trim

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We’ve all been there. You want to pick up some high-grade weed, but your bank account doesn’t have the bandwidth. Flower is fantastic, but sometimes it’s too expensive. Premium cannabis trim, also called shake, provides a solution.

Trim affords the best quality per dollar of any cannabis buds. It sacrifices appearance for price, but it’s great pot if you’re in a pinch. Choose premium cannabis trim whenever you need a doobie at a discount.


  • Premium quality nugs at discount price
  • Made of small nugs, sugar leaves, and other plant matter
  • Removed from larger nugs during manicuring
  • Combination of strains

What Trim Made Of?

Trim consists of any part of a weed plant that contains trichomes. Generally, this includes small nugs that have been removed from larger ones for cosmetic reasons. It can also include other parts of the plant, like sugar leaves. Shake can come from either pre- or post-harvest trimming.

Premium shake is trim cut from the best strains. Since this trim comes from quality weed, it’s higher-grade than less-selective shake. Additionally, premium cannabis trim generally has better-looking, bigger nugs than other types of shake.

Uses and Effects

Trim is generally comprised of more than one strain, so it may have myriad effects.

Since trim can come from both indica or sativa plants, it can be equal parts relaxing and stimulating. Trim can sometimes be a little bit harsher to smoke than flower. It also may leave eyes redder than normal.

Trim usually comes as smaller, broken-down nugs. As a result, it doesn’t have particularly high jar appeal. However, this is a blessing in disguise. It means that you don’t have to worry about breaking down your buds yourself. Instead, trim is essentially pre-ground, making it easy to roll the perfect joint or blunt every time.

6 reviews for Premium Cannabis Trim

  1. Phri

    Love it!
    Best value on the site. And hits hard.

  2. Supe

    Good quality for great value.

  3. Phri

    Great value. Certainly does the job & does it well.

  4. BigP

    Really great value here. I use this in my vaporizer. A little goes a long way.

  5. Ciga

    Good stuff, even had a few small buds in the oz..

  6. Herb

    Awesome for the super lazy, load your pipe and go! Oh yah, good buzz too!

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