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Pink Bubba (Smalls)

(49 customer reviews)

$5.50 / gram
$109.00 / 28 grams

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Pink Bubba is a notorious kush strain with dank aromas and powerful effects. The Indica dominant gene is a favourite for unwinding at night, and uniquely boasts high THC and CBD levels. For this reason, Pink Bubba is rising in popularity amongst recreational and medical cannabis connoisseurs, alike. The gorgeous buds deliver an equally alluring elevation, that will keep you coming back for more.


Strain Highlights


Cross of Bubba Kush x Pink Kush

  • Indica dominant, nearly 100%
  • High levels of THC, ranging from 19-25%
  • Beautifully coloured buds with a heavy coating of trichomes
  • Alluring sweet and floral aromas


Appearance and Aromas


Like a flower, Pink Bubba delivers in scent and appearance. Bursting with floral and sweet aromas, the strain’s buds are vibrant in minty green hues with a touch of pink throughout. Hints of orange hairs shine through a heavy coating of resinous crystal trichomes. Delivering the strain’s potency, and sticky touch. Its scent of natural woodsy aromas is pungent and hits your nose hard upon opening the bag. Pink Bubba’s most prominent scent notes include:


  • Sweet
  • Floral
  • Natural
  • Woodsy
  • Pine


Effects and Medical Use


Don’t let Pink Bubba’s pretty appearance fool you. She packs a potent punch. It’s a strain that’s often used at nighttime for its sedating and relaxing Indica traits. Rather than a quick head rush or high, Pink Bubba’s calming effects come on slowly. You’ll feel comforted with a soothing euphoria that will have users giggling in delight. Stresses get melted away, as your mind mellows out completely. From there, you’re treated to full-body relaxation. Pink Bubba is well-known for delivering couch-lock symptoms, which is again a good reason to consume in the evening. Not to mention, the strain’s effects last longer than most. But, get your snacks ready prior to lighting up as the strain definitely stimulates the appetite. You’ll be in bliss with a tranquil and tranquillizing heaviness that is ideal for easing pain, just as much as anxiety or stress. Pink Bubba’s most notable effects include:


  • Soothing sedation
  • Tranquil bliss
  • Uplifting euphoria
  • Calming and stress-relieving
  • Powerful relaxation


Medically, you can see why Pink Bubba is high in demand. The powerful body-stone like qualities can ease a number of symptoms, mentally and physically. The strain is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of:


  • Chronic pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Cramps


Tips for Consuming this Strain


Beginners should proceed with slight caution with Pink Bubba due to its elevated THC levels. Even at small doses, the strain’s effects are long-lasting and powerfully potent in sedating Indica traits. So, not only should you be prepared for a strong case of the munchies, but falling asleep is highly probable, too. For this reason, PInk Bubba is most often consumed as a nighttime strain. Be cautious before taking extra hits, as the high is a creeper and takes time for effects to fully set in. Also, keep in mind Pink Bubba can cause cotton-mouth, so having water close or on hand, is recommended.


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
1 gram$5.50 / gram $5.50 / gram
28+ gram$3.89 / gram $3.89 / gram
14 gram$4.21 / gram $4.21 / gram
7 gram$4.86 / gram $4.86 / gram
3.5 gram$5.43 / gram $5.43 / gram

49 reviews for Pink Bubba (Smalls)

  1. ric

    This batch is really strong. Hits a bit hard, but will knock you out.

  2. Stev

    Got this as a free sample last order. Very smooth and nice high, not too potent

  3. Diam

    If you’re into the Kush this is one for you . Love it and will buy more

  4. Cali

    Really nice high. Didnt give me terrible munchies like others usually do

  5. Alex

    Top quality right here sticky bud whit really good taste i love it !!

  6. Mart

    One of the best pink bubba I’ve ever had. Top shelf for sure

  7. Diam

    Good bud but I did find it a little harsh in the bong

  8. Alin

    This stuff was dense and tons of crystals! Incredible taste. Really happy I bough this one!

  9. theh

    This is good bud,love the pink,such a good buzz,will order everytime,

  10. Sara

    Good stuff. Would order again

  11. Stev

    Got this is a sample in my order and wow..I’ll be ordering some of this stuff next!

  12. Dime

    Good bang for your buck.

  13. Gyal

    Gassy is right! I found it a bit harsh but all the other factors were great; smell, taste, high.

  14. Tai

    I ordered a small amount first. I was blown away. So I ordered a bunch more. Great flavour, smell, smoke and a nice strong buzz. Great job guy!

  15. oliv

    Great smoke not harsh at all

  16. natl

    Best strain I’ve tried lately from Greenz

  17. Race

    very nice smoke! would order again ! taste and buzz were great

  18. tgun

    bought this strictly due to reviews and nothing else in shop seemed worthy.
    I was left a little disappointed, really earthy and the burn isn’t the greatest. Very relaxing once it kicks in but overpriced compared to some lower priced stuff.

  19. Pat

    Dense nug . Smell and taste is amazing and kushy

  20. Sanj

    Burns really nice & is super sticky. Great taste, smell and high!! Loved i! Would definitely order this again!

  21. Mick

    Awesome , tasty

  22. Alex

    Really good sticky taste amazing good buy!!5/5

  23. JayS

    Definitely a reorder kinda weed I just reordered more. Hella sticky n dense

  24. BenB

    Very good weed

  25. dies


  26. JayS

    Sticky bud. Taste amazing. 😍

  27. Apac

    Sticky icky wow. Burns decent! Great high to finish the night off, would order again.

  28. Blon

    Just bought an other 30g one of my favorite

  29. dies

    Love this strain taste great

  30. Dart

    Decent bud for sure and taste decent B+

  31. Exce

    Wow YTFC this batch is incredible! You guys did an amazing job. Such a strong gassy smell with a great high to compliment. Some of this best bud I’ve had and all of it comes from the great people at greenz.market. Keep up the great work guys!!

  32. vinn

    Have had this strain a couple times and out of all the ytfc strains I’ve tried (20+) it’s one of my favorites!!! As your attorney I highly recommend buying this!!!

  33. dies

    Picked up an ounce of this since it was selling out so fast glad i did taste is amazing and love how strong this stuff is

  34. LpLp

    Tried to save every last bit of this.. so delicious

  35. Dom

    WoW! Amazing.

  36. King

    My friends, I have never disappointed you with my reviews… Now; I present to you once again with a Green light on this, this is truly amazing product. Give it a try, and as for the quality etc… I think my friends above me said everything that needs to be said.
    Purchase this, as it will go fast light the last strain you missed out on.

  37. Jroc

    Buy this batch now. Trust me…

  38. chuc

    Sein this strain many times on other sites but never orderd it … Wanted the real thing not a knockoff … Thankz yaletown for producing this truly amazing quad thats the real deal … Rancid gassy smell takes over the room even if stored in jars … True fire thats potent and smooth hitting … Will make any kush lover happy

  39. Broo

    Hi had the pleasure of Getting some of this Fire & let me tell u it’s bomb never disappoints me never & for the price it’s even better thanks Greenz

  40. capt

    these are awesome nuggets of fire with a pink flavor and it reminds me of pink gas

  41. Scot

    So bomb, just what I was needing and looking for! Quality nugs, smokes smooth and amazing, and gets me right ripped! Thanks Greenz for this awesome product and service!! AAAA+++++

  42. capt

    this has got some nice gassy nuggets of pink fire

  43. Skyc

    Very nice smoking weed and not harsh very pleased with greenz

  44. dies

    Got my 2nd order today greenz is amazing to order from pictures are always exactly what u get and product is top notch description is always on point A+++

  45. Slyb

    yoyo many thanks to greenz and Yaletown dis is the bees knees looks,smell,potency,is a heavy hitter buns nice and clean like top of the line flower should.

  46. spuh

    Big buds, Gassy, Kushy, Taste strong, Good Clean Burn, Potent. Will satisfy any kush lover.

  47. chuc

    5outta5 yet again for this strain too always quality products when dealing wth greenz

  48. pblu

    had a nice pink smell and smoke is heavy!

  49. pope

    Gassy, sticky goodness!!!

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