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Pine Tar Kush

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Pine Tar is an Indica dominant cannabis strain that comes from Indica landraces. Its initial high can be experienced as an uplifting and energising cerebral high. This is usually followed by a highly relaxing body high that carries effective sedative properties. The sweet taste of Pine Tar carries notes of pine and fruits making smoking this bud highly enjoyable and fun. The first wave of fragrance as you open the package offers you the harmonious complexity of pine, citrus, skunk, and sweet fruitiness.



  • Potent Indica
  • Nighttime use
  • THC levels between 18%-22%
  • Fruity and piney aroma
  • A great remedy for insomnia


Effects and Benefits


The exact Indica content of Pine Tar is a bit of a mystery- some of its phenotypes are pure Indicas, while others come quite close to it, but one thing is for sure, this cannabis strain is potent and offers its users highly beneficial and even healing properties.


One of the main uses of Pine Tar is to treat insomnia, even some of the more severe types of it. Because of its high that promotes deep relaxation and ease, you can feel as mental and physical tensions are being washed away enabling you to feel positivity and peace.


When your mind is at ease, your feelings run on positive vibes and your body is not enslaved by pains and aches. Finding a good night’s sleep will come much easier for you with this strain.


Best Uses


Pine Tar usually pairs well with low-key activities, such as chilling, sleeping, watching movies, or doing some arts and crafts. Its cerebral high can cause waves of euphoria to clear out the negative clouds and energy circling in your thoughts gently boosting your mood from depression or stress into ease.


This Indica strain carries pain-relieving effects and because of this oftentimes Pine Tar is used to relieve physical aches and pains, including headaches, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, tension, and more.


Doubling On Orange


Pine Tar features a fun and interesting look of orange. As you have a glance at this plant, you can immediately notice its buds that appear orange. On top of this, its pistils that make their way among the leaves are also orange.


Pine Tar is a bold marijuana plant, but also a golden one, literally. Golden-coloured leaves proudly present themselves among the dark green leaves. A rich covering of sticky trichomes rests on the whole plant, adding an extra spark to the picturesque plant of green, orange, and gold.

1 review for Pine Tar Kush

  1. rou5

    I really loved this strain. For the price, you really cant go wrong. Great Kushy smell.

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