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Penis Envy Chocolates (Red)

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1 Gram of Penis Envy Cubensis in each chocolate

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Penis Envy Chocolates capture the powerful psychedelic effects of the Penis Envy magic mushroom, in a deliciously sweet treat. The individually wrapped treats will send you on a trip like no other, with the potency of Penis Envy shrooms. A variety that is well-known for its magical and spiritual type of effects.

What You Should Know about Penis Envy Chocolates

The Penis Envy variety of magic mushrooms is quite elusive but is said to come from the Amazonian Cubensis family of lineage. The specific levels of psilocybin produce mystical and metaphysical effects that have been described as ‘shamanistic’ in nature. You’ll feel ultra-connected to the world around you, introspective to the max, and its potency can cause a type of internal transformation.

More about its Characteristics and Potency

Penis Envy is one of the most notorious and popular types of magic mushrooms for good reason. The shroom variety produces exhilarating and visionary types of thoughts, at potent levels. Be prepared to explore your inner-consciousness in a new and more open point of view.

As you feel more connected to your spirituality, your surroundings and the world as a whole. Due to the Penis Envy explorative effects, it may be best to stay with groups you’re close with to avoid any outlying factors that can raise anxiety or ‘bad-trip’ like effects.

Beyond exploring the mind, you’ll be treated to stunning visuals like tracers, light effects, and distortions in shapes and objects around you.

Tips for Consuming Penis Envy Chocolates

We’ll be honest, Penis Envy Chocolates aren’t usually for beginners. They’re a highly potent magic mushroom that causes increased hallucinogenic effects. If you are new to consuming magic mushrooms, it’s recommended to begin with ¼ or ½ of chocolate, to see how the variety affects you personally first. Remember, wait a full hour before consuming any additional amounts as it can take this long for the effects to fully set in.

9 reviews for Penis Envy Chocolates (Red)

  1. Lord

    Now in nice chocolates, how sweet. Just perfect little treat! Buy 2 or 3…

  2. Wmok

    Good high

  3. vict

    This buzz lasts LONG! Had so much fun watching movies

  4. Rich

    Solid product

  5. TSTS

    Nice buzzzz for hours.

  6. Ciga

    Really nice buzz, great product.

  7. Stum

    taste great, good high

  8. jess

    Good Product

  9. kcot

    Works well

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