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myco labs Original

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myco labs Original relies on psilocybin alone to get you to a better mental and physical state. This time, there are no more extra ingredients added in. Just pure, unadulterated psilocybin that goes straight to your brain. Depending on your choice, a capsule can contain either 50mg or 200mg of psilocybin. Regardless of this, one capsule alone can’t get you high. In fact, 200mg is barely the middle-point of a microdose, with 50mg going even deeper into subperceptual effects.



  • Profound nootropic potential
  • Comes in two variants – 50mg or 200mg psilocybin
  • GMO-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made in Canada

Uses and effects


After taking a myco labs Original capsule, you won’t feel anything right away. In time, though, you’ll notice slight improvements in key areas such as focus, mood, creativity, thinking, and so on. Psilocybin microdosing offers access to proven nootropic benefits that are bound to make you feel better. One capsule is enough to get you from your boring self to the sharpest tool in the shed, for a time being. If you’ve seen the flick “Limitless”, then you have an idea about the potential of nootropic substances.

Although not as extreme as NZT in its effects, one myco lab Original capsule is good enough for most Greenz members. As it stands, we’ve received many positive remarks on its benefits. Not a surprise, since these capsules are quite effective and quick-acting. They can:

  • Stabilize your emotions
  • Reduce your stress
  • Enhance your mood
  • Offer a state of conversational fluidity
  • Instill a state of mindfulness and peace
  • Openness and self-forgiveness

Best consumption method


When it comes to capsules, always respect your recommended dosage! myco labs Original comes in a 50mg option, and a 200mg option. Both options contain only psilocybin, for an authentic and pure experience. Never take more than one capsule at once since the effects may not stack up. Usually, one capsule is more than enough to last you for a few solid hours, which means you don’t need a second one on top of it. However, if you mistakenly get the 50mg one when you, in fact, wanted the 200mg one, you may breach this rule.

As opposed to the 50mg variant, the 200mg one is quite a bit more potent, though still not psychoactive. The effects are still subperceptual, for the most part, though they’ll stack up sooner and become noticeable in a little while. Whether you notice the increased focus or the faster thinking first depends on the person. There are plenty of other benefits attached to myco labs Original capsules, and you’ll have to discover them yourself!

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  1. vaeb

    I have been getting the 50mg capsules for my daughter. She was having difficulty with ups and downs in her overall mood. The doctor suggested antidepressants, we chose a more natural option to begin with. She has had very good results with mood stabilization and only takes it when necessary, unlike pharmaceuticals that need to be taken all the time. Thank you!

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