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myco labs Focus


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myco labs Focus is the one thing you need to enhance your concentration during those tough hours at work. No one can focus indefinitely, and at some point, your concentration runs dry. Along with your performance and work efficiency. While this is entirely normal, sometimes we wish we’d have an extra ounce of energy to maintain our focus and push our performance beyond the limits. Focus by myco labs does exactly that! With its blend of all-natural plants and psilocybin extract, it increases your focus for the next few hours.

There are 60 capsules per container, resulting in 60 doses. If you’re not a workaholic who needs to work day in and day out, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be using one per day. Most likely, you’ll take a capsule every few other days, when you need that extra oomph of concentration. So, 60 capsules will last for quite a while, making this a worthwhile investment.



  • Comes in two variants – 50mg psilocybin and 200mg psilocybin
  • Contains 6 organic plants, besides psilocybin
  • Highly-pure psilocybin blend
  • GMO-Free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Excellent for enhancing your focus

Uses and effects


Focus by myco labs is a microdosing supplement with one singular purpose – to enhance. It consistently enhances your focus to be razor sharp and your awareness to perceive more things that you could naturally observe. In other words, it makes you more performant and more efficient than you could possibly realize. You’ll be doing things much faster and with more effectiveness, up to a point where you’re always doing the right thing at the right time.

This supplement can also elevate your motivation and mood, as a result of your higher performance. Once the effects fully kick in, you’ll feel lighter, more in control, and a bit more comfortable than before. This physical relaxation comes alongside the enhanced focus, bringing a crazy mix. You’ll barely notice anything until the effects come together to create a new “you”. That’s how microdosing works, after all.

Additional information about dosage and consumption


myco labs Focus should only ever be consumed orally, one capsule at a time. You have 60 capsules, equivalent to a total of 60 trips. One 50mg capsule contains 50mg of psilocybin blend, 100mg of Lion’s Mane, 50mg each of Pine Bark and Bacopa, 30mg of Choline, 15mg of Huperzine, and 10mg of Vinpocetine. On the other hand, the 200mg capsule contains 200mg of psilocybin blend, 150mg of Lion’s Mane, 80mg each of Pine Bark and Bacopa, 50mg of Choline, 15mg of Huperzine, and 10mg of Vinpocetine.

Your tolerance level isn’t really important unless you consume more than one capsule simultaneously. That’s because one capsule isn’t psychoactive at all, due to the low quantity of psilocybin. To get high on myco labs Focus, you’d have to have to take about 8-10 capsules with 200mg psilocybin. And since you won’t be doing that, you don’t have to worry about any negative side-effects. All that’s in store for you is an enhanced form of focus, and more performance than you can carry!

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