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myco labs Brain Boost


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Did you ever feel as if you can’t think too fast enough? You may have missed some opportunities due to sluggish thinking. Maybe you’re not crispy enough at work, and others are getting ahead of you. The myco labs Brain Boost combines the ancestral benefits of magic mushrooms with cutting-edge supplements to offer the perfect cerebral boost. It’ll help you focus better and for longer, fill you with energy, improve your performance, and jolt your mind to life.

The effects of this Brain Boost are electrifying, like receiving a lightning bolt in the head. As your brain lights up with energy, you’ll find that everything becomes easier to do. Tasks that would otherwise give you headaches are now as simple as making a sandwich. This extra boost of cerebral prowess comes in the form of lyco labs Brain Boost, the most affordable nootropic mixture on the market. Try it and see how it feels!



  • 60 capsules per pack
  • 3 grams of psilocybin per capsule
  • Great blend of proprietary Brain Boost Blend (50mg) and Organic Lions Mane (250mg)
  • May improve your cognition in various ways
  • Ideal for creative endeavours

Uses and effects


Fungal superiority comes from a high concentration of pure psilocybin in its freshest form. The myco labs Brain Boost is made from high-tier magic mushrooms, with added supplements, and some Organic Lions Mane. The result is a nootropic mixture that enhances your brain functions in numerous ways, such as:

  • Increased concentration
  • Higher resilience to stress
  • Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness
  • Faster thinking
  • Improved convergent and divergent thinking
  • Heightened mood
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Energetic state
  • More profound attention span

Whenever you need to take your cognition a notch higher, use the myco labs Brain Boost. They’re a natural and organic solution that’s very affordable even when pitted against other shroom-based nootropic substances on the market. myco labs takes psychedelic-infused brain improvements to another level with this Brain Boost mixture, now more affordable than anything else you can find!

Dosage and instructions


One bottle of myco labs Brain Boost contains 60 capsules, each worth 3 grams of psilocybin. One serving is equal to one capsule, so you have 60 servings at your disposal to seek cerebral superiority. The main psilocybin infusion used to make this Brain Boost is a proprietary blend of myco labs, with Organic Lions Mane added in for extra benefits.

A veritable catalyst for heightened cognition, myco labs Brain Boost can be taken in the morning to experience the effects throughout the day. Alternatively, you can take it any time during the day, to go from your usual self to a crispier, better and faster-thinking self. This blend aims to enhance all cognitive functions, including focus and attention span, creativity, reactive actions, mood, thinking, and mental fatigue. One Brain Boost Capsule will give you the cerebral energy to achieve your goals for the day!

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