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Muerte is known for its strong psychoactive properties that rush through your body with power and intensity, delivering calming sensations. This could easily melt away symptoms of anxiety, stress, or even PTSD. The first splash of high may be energetic and mood-boosting with positive vibes, but soon a drift follows that will lead into a sedating comfort and relaxation. At this stage of the high chronic pain may be reduced. You may find yourself turning inward, sinking deeper into a calm and sedated mental state. Once a numbing effect covers your body, you might want to melt into your couch or lounging area, forgetting about tasks, worries, and anxious feelings. Muerte is a marijuana bud for experienced users as it carries 70% to 80% Indica and THC levels as low as 20% and as high as 30%.


  • 70-80% Indica weed strain
  • THC as high as 30%
  • Evening use
  • Sedative properties
  • Mood stimulating qualities
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain-soothing effects
  • Great for insomnia

A Powerful Head And Body Buzz

Muerte is an intense marijuana bud that usually hits heavy and quickly. The powerful body and head high of this weed will most likely leave you in a soothing couch-lock effect. Both your mind and body may feel deeply comforted by the sedative and calming effects of this strain as symptoms of stress and anxiety are eased.

The initial stage of the high may feel like a rush of euphoria with mood stimulating qualities, helping individuals who are suffering from cases of depression and PTSD. Soon, you may find yourself drifting away into sedation. You may find yourself relaxing with a couch-lock effect coupled with euphoric feelings.

In many cases, Muerte could ease symptoms of:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Muscle cramps
  • Joint aches
  • Back pain
  • Pain caused by an injury

A Potential Remedy For Insomnia

The overall sedative, calming, and numbing effects of Muerte generally cause a heavy sense of sleepiness. Individuals who are struggling with insomnia and its side effects usually find this strain helpful and effective. For many individuals, this cannabis bud can help with sleep that is restful and generally lasts through the night.

A Sweet Woody Taste

Muerte offers an enjoyable smoke with pleasant notes. You may observe a variety of notes in the flavour and scent of this weed strain, such as woody, diesel, earthy, and gas with highlights of sweetness, pine, herbs, and lemon.

2 reviews for Muerte

  1. Lord

    Strong gassy indica. Was nicely sticky and tasty. Super potent!

  2. Bunn

    This one hits real nice. Heavy. Smooth. Sticky. Slow burn. A hint of purple.

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