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MK Ultra

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70% Indica dominant strain

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You won’t need a CIA mind control device to fall in love with this strain – you’ll do so naturally. MK Ultra, named after the infamous CIA plot, is a powerful indica that has it all: a high THC concentration, incredible high, and attractive aroma.

This award-winning strain picked up a Cannabis Cup win in 2003 and landed a runner-up position the next year. A pure indica developed by TH Seeds, MK Ultra is a heady cross between OG Kush and G13. It boasts everything you’d expect from a premium Kush strain, and it leaves smokers feeling tranquil, relaxed, and happy.


  • Powerful, heavy indica
  • Sedative properties
  • High THC concentration – about 20 percent
  • Trademark Kush smell

Uses and Effects

As a pure indica, MK Ultra emphasizes the sedative and relaxing properties cannabis contains. It features happy, euphoric vibes, but can quickly overwhelm new smokers with its sleepy effects. It also leaves users with a serious case of the munchies.

Humorously, this strain may have more beneficial effects than the CIA program ever did. MK Ultra resulted in at least one death, but in contrast, the strain may have some beneficial healing properties. For example, indicas appear to be particularly adept at reducing swelling, chronic pain, and more. As a result, they may be able to alleviate symptoms of:

  • Stress/anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Glaucoma
  • Depression

Aroma and Appearance

As a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, MK Ultra boasts the same trademark “Kush” smell typical of its family members. Smokers describe Kush strains as having a spicy aroma, similar to incense. Some have described it as a “hashy” smell, reminiscent of the many extracts native to the region Kushes hail from. Native to the Hindu Kush mountains, Kush strains were relatively unknown to the world until the cannabis boom of the 1970s. Today, countless strains feature the trademark Kush smell.

4 reviews for MK Ultra

  1. mtof

    Buds are small but not leafy. Taste is smooth and easy to grind.

  2. Yzer

    Received this as my free gram on my last order. Very tasty and a nice relaxing buzz. Would order again

  3. Sass

    Nice mellow buzz, great for daytime smoke. Not a heavy hitting indica but nice for the price

  4. Silv

    Like this one very nice solid bud .easy smoking .good long buzz .right up there with Tom ford pink wow that’s good pot .

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