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Medi Hash

(27 customer reviews)


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Doctors hate him! This medical-grade hash packs a potent punch and makes a great choice for medical and recreational cannabis users alike. Each brick of this premium extract is stamped with the caduceus, a symbol used since ancient times to communicate medical properties. Medi Hash lives up to its name, boasting a potent THC content and a fairly high CBD concentration to boot.

These two cannabinoids work in consort to enhance one another’s possible healing properties. A super-clean solventless extract made with love in British Columbia, Medi Hash has taken the cannabis world by storm. Many online dispensaries have already sold out of this excellent extract – don’t get left behind!


  • Medical-grade hash made in old-school style
  • Solventless extract
  • Made in British Columbia
  • Balanced genetics – 50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa
  • 35 – 50 percent THC
  • 3 percent CBD

Appearance and Aroma

Medi Hash features a sweet, pungent aroma typical of old-school hash. Its flavour harkens back to the taste of Kush plants, giving it a distinctly earthy flavour and aroma. It tastes similar to bubble hash, so enthusiasts will appreciate its particular tones. Medi Hash has a soft, malleable texture, similar to chocolate truffle. That makes it particularly easy to break off into small, manageable pieces.

Uses and Effects

For casual smokers, Medi Hash provides an enjoyable buzz that balances the effects typical of both indicas and sativas. Smokers will find themselves tranquil but not tired, euphoric but not overstimulated. Users report it making them feel relaxed and happy.

Medi Hash also shines as an option for medical marijuana patients. Thanks to its robust cannabinoid profile, which features up to 50 percent THC and 3 percent CBD, Medi Hash has a variety of possible health benefits. Thanks to the entourage effect, the presence of both THC and CBD super-charges the possible anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, appetite-enhancing, sleep-aiding, and other properties typical of cannabis.



27 reviews for Medi Hash

  1. Lord

    When fresh and soft its excellent

  2. Lord

    Varies greatly between batches…

  3. Silv

    Nice mild taste great smooth high .needs little more compaction little loose .but def did its job as hash thanks .

  4. Silv

    Love this hash .I like it best in a big gagger .the taste is great soothing high and just all round good shit ..high give u a nice long hug.great med for stress .

  5. duck

    pretty good tasye and high was alright

  6. Yan8

    Very good hash. Nice texture and taste

  7. mike

    i bought a few times before and was always decent. This time i bought on the rebatch and it came fresher than usual, i allowed it to sit and it aged really well! the difference is night and day!

  8. Ciga

    Nice taste and good high.

  9. Cabi

    Good stuff. Moroccan hash tastes better but this one still hits the spot. The price/quality ratio beats anywhere else.

  10. Bund

    Always top shelf

  11. mike

    pretty nice melts in your hand and nice to see all the crystals stick together
    4/5 better than expected

  12. ches

    good value hash. burns pretty smooth and has a nice mellow high. would order again. thanks greenz for a smooth ordering process and fast delivery!

  13. Lolu

    Good burn for good price

  14. bal0

    Very soft and a bit hard to work with but amazing hash non the less.

  15. Elis

    J’adore ce hash. Il est à la hauteur !! Le high dure longtemps et je ne suis pas éffouèrer sans rien faire. C’est un effet sativa.
    Je vous le conseille.

  16. darl

    Didn’t like the taste or smell. High was alright.

  17. ssno

    Definitely worth getting again. Great taste, good price.

  18. Alex

    Really good 5/5

  19. Tony

    My new fav…. super FAV

  20. Leon

    New to hash but tasty and great buzz

  21. Carl

    Good hash smooth and not harsh on my airways and its texture kinda reminds me of hand rub hash just like what hindu people do in the himalayas

  22. SabS

    Really nice stuff, has a fruity classic hash smell and flavour. The only downside to it is that it is very sticky and hard to get off your fingers but for the price it is more than worth it.

  23. Aunt

    This flavour is excellent and less prep time than the harder hashes

  24. Patr

    Very nice hash and for those of you who are wondering this is softer hash not hard. I tried it last night for my first session of the day and I was very happy with the taste and the high. Thanks Greenz!!

  25. pete

    very high quality

  26. ccgo

    Very hard hitting smoke, but is smell and taste is top drawer, you will love this hash

  27. bree

    I enjoyed this. Good price, good quality. really good product. I like to add some to a pipe bowl

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