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Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash

(9 customer reviews)

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The Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is a cannabis connoisseur’s product of choice when it comes to great therapeutic and psychoactive experiences. This hash comes from the north of Afghanistan, where the Mazar-i-Sharif cannabis strain grows. This strain is the base for other popular hash strains, such as the Shirak-i-Mazar, also known as the Milk of Mazar. The one we have here is a pure-grade hashish with great effects!

Taste a piece of it and you’ll see your mind being wrecked by euphoria and raucous energy. If you wanted to alleviate your depression and negative thoughts, then you’ll succeed with this Mazar Sharif Afghani hash. Moreover, by using this hash efficiently, you’ll treat your insomnia and appetite loss as well. The munchies resulting from this hash are legendary among the cannabis enthusiasts who’ve tried it!


  • Pure-bred Afghan hash
  • Distinctive pungent aroma
  • Rich in resin
  • Dreamy high
  • Great therapeutic benefits

Appearance and aroma 

The Mazar Sharif Afghan hash has a dark-brown colour that never changes no matter what you do. Even when you heat it, this hash will retain with pure-brown colour palette and the incredibly sweet aroma. The narcotic effects continue on from the moment you take a bite until you’re dozing off on the couch. When you melt the brown hash into your bong, it’ll turn into a puddle of brownish ganja material!

The flavour is pungent and aromatic, to say the least. Thanks to the genetic inheritance received from the Mazar-i-Sharif strain, this hash has a clear-cut flavour and aroma. Once you try it, you won’t want to go back to anything else. Many people have said this hash strain has a beautiful taste, a very intense high, and a very smooth smoke.

Uses and effects

The Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is an exotic cannabis concentrate that brings equally exotic effects. The original strain has an Indica-dominant profile, which means lots of sedation and relaxation. The dreamy, introspective journey has mind-warming effects if you smoke too much of this stuff! Though, your body will also experience the narcotic and narcoleptic effects of this hash.

Once you taste it, let it simmer for a few minutes, and you’ll feel your head getting higher and higher. At the same time, your body becomes lighter, the pains and aches vanish, and you’re starting to feel the munchies bothering you. Though, you’ll have to make a choice – do you start eating or do you go to sleep? The Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash can also help with:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Arthritis
  • Lack of appetite
  • Migraines
  • Nausea

9 reviews for Mazar Sharif Afghani Hash

  1. Lord

    Nice but i thought it would of been better, in taste at least…

  2. Herb

    was quite suprised, very nice hash, almost old school

  3. Rich


  4. Herb

    old school, great buzz

  5. Silv

    Truly I was expecting more of a high hug from import.but it def works and tastes almost old school.not and burn .nice in volcano

  6. SabS

    Magnificent product, ordered on tuesday got it thursday morning

  7. Greg

    Hsavy body sedation

  8. bobc

    great taste …. excellent personal x-mas gift.

  9. home

    It provides a heavy punch with aromatic full flavors. The effects are heavy body sedation and intense hypnotic effects.

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