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Mac 1

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Mac 1 is a cannabis bud fitting for more experienced users as it contains about 23% THC. Some batches have been measured as high as 30%, delivering an intense mental and physical high. The cerebral high of this weed flower is known to boost one’s mental state with strong happy feelings coupled with a sense of comforting calmness. As the first wave of high makes its tour, a burst of focus and creativity might emerge for a little while. Shortly after, usually, a deep sense of comforting relaxation follows that might keep you stuck on your couch. As you fall deeper into this state of sedation and relaxation, tensions and pains in your body might disappear. Mac 1 delivers a strong taste of spicy, herbal, and sour diesel notes.



  • Well-balanced hybrid
  • Average THC of 23%
  • Afternoon use
  • A strong happy high
  • Sedative relaxing effects
  • Great for physical pain
  • Appetite-boosting properties


Strong Head And Body High


Mac 1 is a weed strain that fits well into late afternoons with its euphoric and deeply relaxing high. As the high makes its presence known, you may notice an unmistakable sense of happiness wash over you, leaving you feeling uplifted and overall positive. Soon, a sense of sedative calmness and relaxation starts to take the lead.


The body high of Mac 1 can be very strong. In most cases, it can cause a couch-lock effect as a sedative high alleviates your physical aches, while your mind relaxes into a state of calmness. Most of our users consume this cannabis strain to relieve symptoms caused by:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Muscle cramps and spasms
  • Joint pains
  • Loss of appetite


More Benefits


Besides pain relief and relaxation, Mac 1 has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Before the couch-lock effect fully kicks in, there is a good chance that your hunger might increase. This would be a beneficial effect on individuals struggling with appetite issues.


Depending on the dosage consumed in relation to your tolerance, as the high starts to wear off, you might feel a heavier sense of sleepiness come over you. This could help you fall asleep easier than usual.


A Strong Scent And Taste


Mac 1 usually delivers very strong notes of sour diesel, spices, citrus, and herbs in both its aroma and taste. If the smoke of this bud is too thick, you can soothe your throat with a glass of water.

2 reviews for Mac 1

  1. rou5

    Great blend

  2. Yzer

    Great stuff here and pretty strong

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