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Lindsay OG

(29 customer reviews)

$5.75 / gram - $119.00 / 28 grams $4.02 / gram
$83.16 / 28 grams

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Although it’s a member of the prolific OG family of strains, Lindsay OG is far from common. This indica-heavy strain is fairly rare, and it’s difficult to track down Lindsay OG outside of Canada. There are plenty of reasons to try these uncommon genetics, though. Lindsay OG packs a powerful punch, with a THC concentration that regularly reaches between 20 and 25 percent. It features all the probable effects you’d expect from an indica, including sedative and relaxing properties. As a result, Lindsay OG is best reserved for an end-of-day strain or nightcap.


  • Potent THC concentration: 20 – 25 percent
  • Indic-heavy genetics
  • Sweet, skunky flavour
  • Pungent earthy and diesel fuel aromas

Appearance and Aroma

Lindsay OG boasts hard, dense, medium-sized buds. Its deep forest-green nugs are bisected by orange hairs bursting between them, giving Lindsay OG flowers a slightly brighter hue. This strain boasts an aroma typical of its OG lineage, combining the unique smell of fuel with pungent, earthy notes. Upon sparking up some Lindsay OG, that aroma crystallizes into a very different taste, emphasizing sweeter flavours.

Uses and Effects

Thanks to its indica-centric genetics, Lindsay OG possesses a low-key, laid-back high. Enjoy it at the end of a stressful day to unwind with its chilled-out vibes. Newer smokers should treat Lindsay OG with respect, though. Thanks to its high THC concentration, it can easily couch lock unwary stoners. It’s not ideal for morning use, since it can derail an entire day’s worth of well-laid plans.

Aside from the high it provides Lindsay OG, like all cannabis, may have several health-related benefits. Lindsay OG may be particularly adept at relieving chronic pain, reducing stress, and improving sleep. As a result, it may be able to alleviate several issues like:

  • Joint or nerve pain
  • Anxiety disorders like PTSD
  • Insomnia
  • Glaucoma
  • Headaches


Range (gram)Price ($/gram)
1 gram$5.75 / gram $4.02 / gram
28+ gram$4.25 / gram $2.97 / gram
14 gram$4.57 / gram $3.20 / gram
7 gram$4.86 / gram $3.40 / gram
3.5 gram$5.43 / gram $3.80 / gram

29 reviews for Lindsay OG

  1. Cait

    got this as a sample it was good

  2. puck

    Got as a sample. Will definitely order some of this

  3. Silv

    Lindsay o g .simply put wicked bud.u can taste the THC yum an kicks like a mule right behind the eyes.10/10/10!

  4. rou5

    Very strong smell and gassy taste. I LOVE IT.

  5. Phri

    Smoked and tasted nice.Could have been stronger though.

  6. BudB

    Allways good quality with u guys couldn’t be happier

  7. Yzer

    My friend got me an 8th of this from Greenz and I have to say it is awesome stuff. A nice strong buzz

  8. Buzz

    This is some fire. One of the best Lindsay cuts I’ve tried. Smells and tastes awesome. Just wish it burned a little cleaner. Easily a 4.5/5

  9. Scar

    By far my favourite strain I’ve bought from greenz please keep this in stock as a regular A++++

  10. JJ

    Wow nice buds. Most buds online these days are missing this quality and sticky ickyness

  11. Jamm

    Always had to try this one glad I did. Good hard hitter

  12. rico

    buds were huge,dense. Very good headstone,overall very happy customer

  13. Anto

    Lindsay is one of my best indica!! Really good!!

  14. LD

    She. Hits. Heavy! Great buzz. Definite couch lock. Will buy her again! lol!

  15. Fran

    Always great!!!!!!

  16. Pri

    smokey taste, mild to strong taste

  17. caro

    The taste when vaped is mostly pine but very pleasant. It gives a strong indica buzz best for night time use. Buds are slightly gooey to the touch. High quality weed!!

  18. Scar

    All I can say is wow great smoke prolly best I’ve had in awhile

  19. John

    Nice kush nose and flavour. Could’ve burned better would be my only negative. Got this as a freebie.

  20. Vend

    Unda da couch (for get inda-couch)! Wow! If you’re not wanting to stay awake at all and drift of into a blissful sleep; then this is the ticket. This smoke is not for the faint of heart and one would be wise to take it easy when ripping on flower of this sort.

    Taste: Pine with a bit of citrus

    Effects: Groggy, eliminates pain, reduces stress and can make you a bit talkative

    Side effects: Lots of dry mouth. Make sure to have a good size glass of water around and this will give you the munchies

    Duration of effects: ~ 4 – 6 hours

    Really good flower, ash is nice an white and the grower really knows their stuff! This is some really high quality and well grown product. Props to the growers and Greenz for stocking this fine herb!

  21. asht

    i love this strain. i tried it back in the summer when ffc had it in. this batch wasnt as strong but still really enjoyed it

  22. Spog

    only got a sample but, boy that is some strong weed.

  23. cbat

    This might be my new favourite strain! Nice long lasting indica with knockout power. A+++

  24. Mart

    I really like this Lindsay Og… Strong gassy nose and taste and very kushy. It would be a regular. For strong indica lovers, this is must try.

  25. BenB

    Very good weed

  26. murs

    The photo doesn’t do this justice! Sparkly, sticky, white ash. All around good smoke.

  27. bal0

    Great stuff will buy more for sure.

  28. King

    Amazing stuff will buy again

    This stuff truly
    Packs it all!

    You want the best of the best? Well here you have it.

  29. JEO

    I would say a mild to strong buzz. Great taste and nice white smoke.

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