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Lemon Sour Diesel (unused)

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Lemon Sour Diesel will add a citrusy zest of energizing euphoria to any day. The strain comes from classic lineage and delivers consistent Sativa dominant effects. Its flavours are as bright and alluring as its well-balanced benefits, while it delivers moderate levels of THC ideal for a wide range of consumers. The award-winning strain is also known just as ‘Lemon Diesel’ and is gaining popularity as a highly sought after hybrid.

Strain highlights

  • Cross of California Sour x Lost Coast OG
  • Sativa dominant hybrid, about 80% Sativa to 20% Indica
  • Low to moderate levels of THC, ranging from 12% – 16%
  • Brightly coloured and dense buds
  • Vibrant citrus scent and refreshing taste

Appearance and Aromas

The cone-shaped buds of Lemon Sour Diesel radiate with beautiful colours of pale green, rich purple and sprinkled with shades of gray. They are dense in nature and covered with a furry coating of white trichomes that practically glisten.

The strain’s resinous buds show off fiery orange hairs to add to its impressive aesthetic. If it’s not love at first sight, you’ll definitely fall for the strain’s scent. As you would expect, Lemon Sour Diesel will tingle your senses with crisp and refreshing citrus aromas that taste just as fresh.

The strain’s most prominent scent notes include:

  • Sour
  • Diesel and gassy
  • Lemon
  • Citrusy
  • Peppery
  • Spicy

Effects and Medical Use

The strain’s mellowed THC levels provide a tame and energetic high that is suitable for beginner to advanced users, alike. Upon your first hit, you’ll feel an uplifting euphoria and a rush of energy. Lemon Sour Diesel is a classic Sativa dominant hybrid that stimulates creativity while promoting a clear-headed focus. This is ideal for daytime use or putting the effects on a good use for any task or project.

The strain’s good feels slowly move into a mellowing body relaxation, that will make you feel as light as a feather. Lemon Sour Diesel is well known for a tame tingling throughout the body that is calming and comforting, without being too heavy. To add, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of happiness, with a grin that won’t stop.

The strain’s most notable effects include:

  • Creativity stimulation
  • Clear-headed focus
  • Mental awareness
  • Soothing body buzz
  • Uplifting euphoria

Medically, many users are gaining from the benefits that the strain can provide. It’s mellow and tame body buzz is ideal for aches and pains, while its mental awareness allows patients to maintain their motivation and productivity.

Lemon Sour Diesel is most commonly used to treat the symptoms of:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bi-polar disorder
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Sexual health, like low libido and erectile dysfunction
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle aches

Tips for Consuming this Strain

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, this may not be the strain for you. Lemon Sour Diesel is often recommended for those suffering from chronic fatigue and will spark your energy at any time. That makes it preferred for daytime use, overall.

Keep in mind, in excess amounts the strain can be overwhelming and cause anxiety for some especially those suffering from PTSD or anxiety. Because it promotes appetite, you’ll want to keep your munchies close, too.

11 reviews for Lemon Sour Diesel (unused)

  1. mamm

    It was good for the price, however I found the normal “lemon sour diesel” buds to be denser, busted better. Still smelled great, like lemon.

  2. Mela

    Decent strain. Light and daytimey. Worth the price.

  3. dies

    Love the taste and smokes great. You really taste the lemon flavor. Would buy again

  4. LD

    dank smell. very uplifting. zero crash. really nice strain! i love anything lemon & sour diesel is one of my faves! nice one!

  5. Dime

    Good buy for the price. Tasty with a great terpene profile. I bought a QP and struggled to find the medium sized buds. Most were small fluffy and poorly cleaned. Not my first choice for smoking but for the price I’d buy it again to make butter.

  6. rlaj

    Lemony smell, smooth smoke, really active but not overpowering high.

  7. tamm

    One of the better buds I have bought from here. Will be buying again.

  8. Numb

    Very nice for the price, great sour diesel pheno that doesn’t couch lock too much

  9. Chop

    Your guys are amazing fast shipping as usual!!! Very nice highly recommend !!

  10. king

    Great strain uplifting

  11. Ajfi

    Very good unique taste and uplifting effects

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