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Larry Bird

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Crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet resulted in this evenly-balanced weed strain. Larry Bird carries the same amount of Sativa as Indica (50/50) allowing its users to enjoy its energetic, uplifting, and creative effects in the afternoon. As the THC levels of this cannabis hybrid usually average around 25% resulting in a potent high, this bud should be reserved for experienced users. The smoke of Larry Bird is smooth with sweet notes of grapes, enriched by earthy and floral highlights. The well-balanced high of this marijuana flower may alleviate symptoms caused by fatigue, stress, or anxiety.



  • Evenly-balanced hybrid
  • High 25% THC
  • A sweet taste of grapes
  • Energetic and creative high
  • Mood-boosting properties
  • May help with fatigue, stress, or anxiety


Uplifting Benefits


Larry Bird is an afternoon strain when you need an uplift for your mind and body. The energetic mental high of this cannabis bud may boost your focus and creativity, making tasks and projects easy to get through. If stress is causing you to feel anxious and overwhelmed, the calming effects of this weed flower may place you into a state of ease and relaxation.


The mood-boosting and elevating effects of Larry Bird may ease symptoms of stress and anxiety, allowing you to better focus. A surge of comforting euphoria may feel you up, replacing negative energy with increased optimism. Many users consume this hybrid to relieve symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Physical pain


Mild Physical Aches


Larry Bird carries sedative and pain-numbing properties that may ease milder physical pains. If stress or tiredness is causing you a headache, or aches in your shoulders, or tension in your body, keeping you from a positive mood and productivity, this strain may be of help to you. Physical aches may be alleviated while making room for mental and physical calmness coupled with energetic stimulation.


A Grape And Piney Taste


Larry Bird delivers a pleasant smoking experience to its users. You can enjoy a sweet grape taste when smoking this bud, coupled with notes of earth, floral, and pine. You may observe subtle hints of mint among its burst of fruits.


The aroma of Larry Bird also offers a sweet fruity scent. Hints of grape and tanginess can be detected as well with a touch of skunkiness.


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