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Honey Oil

(236 customer reviews)


Please enjoy our Honey Oil contained in a one millilitre syringe. Our high-quality Honey Oil are shipped out in non-descript packaging. Live Chat available.

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Honey Oil THC 75-80%

Product Highlights

Please enjoy our Honey Oil contained in a one millilitre syringe. Smoke-able oils are non-decarboxylated cannabis extracts so smoking oils are most appropriate when immediate absorption is desired. The Honey Oil is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant material. All oils can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint, or hot knifed.


236 reviews for Honey Oil

  1. Silv

    This is pure gold .love the smoothness and hit is very nice .cup of tea in the morning with a nice joint speed with a little smattering of weed .tasty treat nice way to start a day .10/10/10

  2. Silv

    I am a long time maker and lover of good honey .I’m glad to see old time quality in a product I love and use and make a lot of .love the clean texture but want to taste that strain a bit more . Still nice job .

  3. capt

    great oil at a great price cant be beat!! I enjoyed it

  4. duck

    It was ok, last batch I got was better,but still good oil

  5. Rick

    I really liked this product, even though I found taste a bit lacking. Nice high!! Definitely recommend!!.

  6. home

    Best honey oil you can find anywhere. Really nice buzz and easy smoke. Great for a vape or even a spliff on the go.

  7. four

    Big fan of this oil, really good high!

  8. elal

    I like this product. It pushes out smoothly and remains at a consistent viscosity. Streams easily over a trough of weed in an almost ready to roll joint. Adds a nice punch. I don’t get the taste thing that everyone is talking about; I don’s sense much taste at all. But it is a definite re-order for me.

  9. AcAc

    Taste awesome, definitely worth it 🙂

  10. duck

    Really liked this product 👌

  11. Vend

    This was my first time using hash oil (honey oil). This product was/is an amazing smoke. The flavor of this stuff kind of has a sweet taste to it. I was crazy enough to just drop some of this in my bowl of ice cream. Best ice cream I’ve ever had! Lol!

    Seriously, I used this to lace my cannasticks with this for an extra boost to the Lindsay OG that I ordered. Someone could have dropped a nuclear bomb next to me and it would have tickled as much as this stuff hits you! But, man what a good clean, pure smoke.

    Effects: Heavy sedation, very mellow and other-worldly body buzz. It will relax you and make your head a bit light after about 5 – 10 minutes of smoking some of this. Lots of euphoria after having taken this.

    Side effects: Dry mouth, light headed

    Honey Oil….mmmmm!

  12. Bund

    Just like back in the day! Nice and strong, definitely worth trying!

  13. Bund

    Takes me back to the Honey Oil I smoked way back in High School!

  14. duck

    Yum yum love it

  15. Isla

    I have to agree with everyone here. This is one of the best ways to ingest cannabis that I know. Clean and to the point. A little dab will do ya!

  16. Wood

    This stuff packs a big punch. Don’t need much to wind up in the clouds 🙂

  17. denn

    i bought 1 syringe for my father and this is his new go to for medication. he says it brought him back to when he first smoked this stuff in the 80s. it also relieved him of all his ailments like arthritis and insomnia, so we had to buy 2 more. Thank you for providing quality products for good prices!

  18. duck

    I love this oil soooo much

  19. ssno

    Good quality every time, great flavour. Have bought often, and will buy again.

  20. Lolu

    Works magic when added to joints

  21. Crys

    Very satisfied with this .. me and my boyfriend both enjoyed it will definitely be ordering it again with my next purchase

  22. King

    Great, as always 👍

  23. Nil

    I love adding a strip of this to my joints for that extra, but smooth, high. I also love being able to add it to meals to slow the head high and go for the body buzz for sleep. Great taste, smooth, and love to add on to orders as a treat. Highly recommend.

  24. Yzer

    Good flavour, doesn’t hit so hard as to render you couch locked if you have some tolerance build up.

  25. Ryan

    Ordered this one long ago, great taste and high, fantastic product! Ordered the cherry oil just now to compare

  26. Ciga

    Top notch honey oil! Great smoke for good price.

  27. m_ma

    Top notch oil! Great buzz tastes incredible and the customer service is amazing! Got a free taste of gassy death bubba knocked me on my ass! Cheers!

  28. Spec

    Très bon miel de qualité

  29. Dann

    Very good product, enjoyed every drop!! Very nice to receive the free gift too! GREENZ Rocks the house!!!

  30. Skyc

    Very good

  31. SabS

    Really nice oil, has a piney kind of sap smell.

  32. Bouw

    Always consistent. Excellent

  33. Bouw

    Excellent as always!

  34. Bouw

    Always consistently great

  35. Marm

    Bang for your buck on sale!!!

  36. darl

    Very smooth and amazing high. Wow

  37. Bouw

    Another great batch

  38. Buddytokes95

    Potent great taste just not what I was looking for

  39. Loaf

    I ordered two of these. Absolutely love the flavour and the buzz is mild. Hits smoothly in a rechargeable vape pen. If you like being out and about around people then this is for you! Will be reordering!!

  40. Bouw

    Awesome as always!

  41. Marm

    Excellent!!! Great flavor! Good deal. Wish it was cheaper tho. Lol just saying.

  42. Suzi

    Thank you again.

  43. Suzi

    Always great. Never disappointed

  44. Suzi

    Love this oil. Always order.

  45. land

    well worth it

  46. Aida

    Amazing product

  47. Lynn

    Really like this nice taste, also enjoy in joint. Excellent

  48. Skyc

    One of my favorites

  49. crai

    just opened my first order iam very happy will be looking forward to next order thank you

  50. Gord

    Nice taste and and real good for vaping! 👍

  51. fast

    Potent and taste good

  52. John

    Very nice on a joint.

  53. Chri

    Very nice!!

  54. TayT

    Loved it, would recommend for anyone looking to refill their own vape carts.

  55. terr

    Decent stuff…need more.

  56. SabS

    Very nice oil. It was really easy to handle and make my own moonrocks wit this.

  57. Sham

    One of my favourites to use in my pens or to eat. Great buzz, very clean product… fantastic quality for the price. If you like distillate you won’t be disappointed with this! Thank you Greenz for supplying such great products for your customers!!!

  58. Gary

    Awesome oil. Quick acting and very nice flavour. Would purchase again.
    Great vaped

  59. alys

    Pretty good stuff. Lined it in a jay before bed, Slept like a baby where I normally wake up because of back pain. For the price, highly recommended.

  60. ccgo

    Best honey oil on the market!

  61. Hook

    Very impressive honey oils. High quality, decent price. Works miracles for a nice late pain and sleep relief. Im impressed as usual for quick delivery also. Hi Nancy. Hope yourewell.

  62. ssno

    This is good tasting honey oil. Even though it doesn’t look as clear as most honey oils I have been used to, it still has that distinctive flavour and smell. Will buy this again for sure!

  63. Bouw

    Awsome as always!

  64. Sham

    I have ordered several times and have referred others. Smooth, easy to use, and easier to smoke or ingest vs flower. Less smell… very satisfied. In whatever format you use honey oil you’ll be pleased. Thanks!

  65. Hook

    Yes the honey oils are excellent. No need to say more.

  66. Race

    very nice oil. great state smooth..and perfect buzz

  67. Nil

    Got this again with my last order (catch the sales when I can) and it is just as good as the last time I got it. Smooth, easy application, burns well, and the buzz is wonderful. Can say I recommend this if you need a bit more kick to your cannabis.

  68. dona

    Love the buzz. This stuff is a great buy. Thanks Greenz.

  69. Supe

    I love the old school taste and high. I will usually purchase this or the cherry oil with my order.

  70. Bouw

    Awsome stuff. I refill my vape pen with it.

  71. Patr

    A very decent price! The syringe is actually easy to manage and I just drop a single drop into my pen and it hits like a champ. I love the low temp hits with this product. Another great reason to support greenz.market!

  72. Chri

    Kinda harsh. But, great sleep aid

  73. king


  74. Pray

    It’s a good product. But I find it messy. I prefer it in a pre loaded cartridge for vaping. But worth the cost

  75. SamS

    It’s nice to see the oil is pretty clear.
    Great taste smooth to smoke.
    Great texture. I will be buying more

  76. Mart

    Best honey oil ever!! 5 stars

  77. TomC

    The honey oil is awesome. Great for putting on bowls, in joints and vaping. Will buy again.

  78. Greg

    Amazing product great taste and smoke. Little bit will do ya haven’t been this high in ages I just placed my second order tripling how many I ordered and thanks for the sample watermelon bud was tasty too!!

  79. paj9

    no complaints! does the job

  80. Broo

    Got me some of this & she’s always good can’t complain & the price is right thanks greenz

  81. kids

    Bon produit! en joint ou vap. donne un bon BUZZ!
    La seule chose qui manque c’est une aiguille au bout faciliter le transfert ver le vaporisateur.
    Good product! in joint or vap. give a good BUZZ!
    The only thing missing is a needle at the end to facilitate the transfer to the vaporizer.
    Du Québec.

  82. Tm20

    just coated some on a paper and rolled with chocolate kush……..best morning blunt ever. the oil just looks so nice and smokes very smooth, will have to get more of this for sure.

  83. Dime

    Just a dab will do ya. Love it. A drop on my weed in a bowl gave me the next level high l need.

  84. FaHr

    great taste. slightly lighter smoke (than the cherry oil) but still good.

  85. Henr

    Very consistent product, always potent!

  86. Bouw

    Has become a staple for me. Great stuff. Great price.

  87. tige

    Good stuff thank you

  88. Gyal

    This stuff is pretty good. Been adding it to flower bowls and it deff get you extra high

  89. Skyc

    Love this oil get it regularly

  90. dom5

    Great for everything! Used in for dabs, joints, and sealing up troubled areas for blunts. Nice smooth taste and pretty good high.

  91. Henr

    Very smooth used with a vaporizer pen. High is balanced and not too bodily overwhelming, can still be functional.

  92. BenB

    Very good oil

  93. BigJ

    As always this is a great choice for anyone who loves a clean, crisp buzz. Price is fair enough.

  94. Dant

    Same as the Cherry Oil, love em both. but I just realized that they raised the price – will def still buy but I will be missing the old days…

  95. Nil

    Powerful but smooth. I add a drop and spread it on my paper before rolling a joint. The extra kick saves me a ton of money on joints since I need less weed ( I fill with pipe tobacco), and 1 joint is enough for me and the husband to chill on. I am thinking of trying to dab this… but it is 100% on the buy again list for me!

  96. Race

    nice and smooth vert tasty

  97. Papa

    It’s been a long time having some really good Honey Oil
    Keep it up guys great stuff

  98. GinG

    The stuff is awesome I put it on a paper and put it in a bowl and put it in my bong I put it in my vaporizer and I’ve even ingested it is delicious and gives you an awesome Buzz

  99. Datg

    Nice texture, smell and colour. The batches vary a little but it’s always great quality. Never been disappointed with this honey since forever! 🤓

  100. Bamb

    this stuff is amazing i re buy every time i run out 5 stars all the way

  101. Alic

    Love, love, love this stuff!

  102. GinG

    Delicious taste, smell awesome.
    I have ingested the product for a great buzz

  103. Kris

    I absolutely love the flavor and high I get from this honey oil. I love putting it into my vape cartridges, topping a bowl with it, or adding it to a joint. I’ve bought this over and over again and will continue to do so.

  104. Mart

    This is just amazing, best honey oil ever !!

  105. Cory

    Very good product, wish you carried oro honey oil though

  106. Anar

    Burn very good and great taste

  107. Happ

    Very smooth and great taste:) It’s been a LONG time since I had Honey Oil and it’s great to have it again

  108. mapl

    if you take your time,warm the oil a bit , go slow on the plunger and kinda gently push the Vape710 cart stem to one side, the oil will go in ok.
    Vapes smooth with nice taste, good strength.

  109. Nizz

    what can i say i love this product very clean

  110. mitc

    Bought this as a gift… let him open it up a day early for Christmas. Just blasted. Clean taste, smart packaging in the syringe. It had been many years since either of us had any honey oil, very satisfied.

  111. jame

    I’ve been ordering this since as long as I can remember. Great taste, no smell, works great with many types of vapes and of course for that price its definitely worth it.

    My Most frequently bought item by far in this shop.

  112. Carl

    But my review is not haha

  113. Carl

    Consisrent as always!

  114. Henr

    Very thick oil, with a nice earthy taste. Great product will order again.

  115. John

    Works nicely in my PuffCo II. A little hard to deal with. Could be more viscous

  116. Patm

    Great taste and nice strong high. I used to hate handling oils but these syringe’s are great…so precise…

  117. land

    Great product nice taste definitely a reorder

  118. NyJe

    Better than cherry oil

  119. BigJ

    Honey oil has always been my favorite to smoke. This oil is above average, and has a fair price. Will buy again

  120. Dhra

    Very clean smooth hits smokes perfect on its own in a ccell vape pen

  121. Skyc


  122. Ozzi

    I refilled my CCell cartridge with this, easy, look and taste almost the same as original at lower price, perfect.!

  123. coop

    Nice clean oil with lots of potency and a nice relaxing head buzz It burns clean with a little weed puts me in a comfortable haze daze.with sleepy dreamy effects nice stuff 🙂

  124. dies


  125. Shel

    I really like the honey oil like that I can put smoke ot or eat it for an edible high great for pain it says 1gram when you order it i have a fee times it is always at least .1 under a gram but it is a great product

    • Gree

      Hello Shell the oils are measured correctly the products are more viscous and heavier than water hence the slight discrepancy.

  126. Hotw

    Great taste and quality, works awesome in vape pens. Highly recommend

  127. Jame

    Super smooth, beautiful flavour and such a great buzz. All around a great product.

  128. Kris

    Love the honey oil it goes into my palm Ccell perfectly and it’s perfect for daytime use!!

  129. LpLp

    Love this I will buy again

  130. too4

    I love the consistency of this. Easy to spread and roll. Stronger than most honey oils I have tried. Gave me a very nice mello buzz,.Felt more chipper and wanted more.I would def recommend. Enjoying a beautiful buzz from it as we speak.

  131. ATea

    Decent honey oil.
    Kind of like the stuff you used to get back in the day from a friend of a friend.
    Nice taste, pretty good body buzz.

  132. home

    Great product. Great service. Fast shipping. Will order again!

  133. Bouw

    Amazing stuff. Will be getting again!

  134. Ryan

    Great Product at a great price, Love the taste and the high!

  135. Nift

    Really great stuff. Loved it!!

  136. Farl

    Nice tast will buy again and again
    Love it

  137. cath

    très bon produit,
    encore satisfaite

  138. cph

    By far the best oil I have found on any online site ! Absolutely the best oil I’ve smoked in my lifetime

  139. Dave

    Got 2
    And ordering more just love it.

  140. Mart

    This Honey oil is excellent !! Really happy with the product.

  141. Nizz

    Absolutely amazing very clean product.

    Will deft order this again and again

  142. suga

    Great flavour and very smooth. I will definitely be ordering this again. Great value and a great product!

  143. fast

    Very smooth, much flavor, and gets directly to the point. This one makes my “great” list !

  144. Jame

    Great honey oil. Smooth and taste great

  145. Dany

    Très bon goût , ça donne un très bon “feeling” ! excellent produit 5/5 ☆☆☆☆☆

  146. Alex

    For the price you can find better deal 5/5

  147. Carl

    This one is pretty consistent I’ve been purchasing ever since coz of its sheer power and raw flava of THC.

  148. Spor

    Great value and great product. Give it a try and like the rest of us, you will be a regular buyer. 🙂

  149. SkyV

    Nice stuff, hit hard, taste good

  150. Wmok

    This oil had a nice consistancy and taste. The high on the one was great. Nice and strong.

  151. kyle

    Best oil for the price! Ordered honey oil from a half dozen places and this little gem for $32 is by far the best! Easy to spread on a paper and smokes great with tobacco! Nice and mellow, keeps you nice and chilled out. Love it, love it, love it!

  152. Mj82

    Very handy dispense. Put some on my joint and have a really nice high. Relaxed and focused. Will buy again

  153. Badd

    Honestly not the biggest fan of this oil. Didnt find it very strong but had some decent taste.

  154. jsin

    This is a quality product, highly recommend this

  155. cath

    vraiment bien, simple, bon produit

  156. Spac

    Love it ! my 3rd or 4th time buying this. Its great!

  157. Sale

    Great flavor, burned really well. Can’t wait to order this again. Was very sticky and worked great in syringe.

  158. shaw

    Nice smooth oil . A must try for any oil lover

  159. Ryan

    Grabbed this for the 3rd time. Great flavor with this batch but less potent than other 2 times.

  160. KwL

    Very enjoyable and flavorful Honey Oil! Def recommend.

  161. Ryan

    Nice and clean honey oil at an amazing price point. First batch I ordered I found more potent than the most recent order. Love how easy the syringe is to use making it a much less messy experience. Great for rolling joints…..or bottle tokes. Will be grabbing some more when it is back in stock. Impressed with how quick delivery is with Greenz…….thanks for the amazing service!

  162. Jame

    Usually drop a bit of this in my bowl if I don’t have plans. Great stuff

  163. Cann

    Very nice ! I use this on burns I get at work occasionally,heals in 24 hrs. Great stuff !

  164. Ninj

    This is some gas for the price. Easy mellow stone, yet still potent. It has a very hashy flavor that reminds me of my younger days for sure! Amazing add-on to any order

  165. Pat

    Un produit que j’avais hâte de goûter et je ne suis pas déçu. Vrai bon goût de honey oil qui me rappel de vieux souvenir.Vais sûrement en commender encore.Vraiment bon.

  166. Mani

    Smooth, on paper….
    Not even harsh when hot knifed on stove….
    This was my first order withe greenz, and I must say it was a pleasant experience and will order again in future.
    Can’t wait on try cherry….
    Love the sales and prices on all products, keep up the kick a $$ work greenz staff!!

  167. Chri

    Great stuff, use it for vaping nice and smooth. Definitely buying again.

  168. Spac

    Love it ! Strong nice and smooth. Nice taste! Will buy more!

  169. Tony

    Awesome product…. great taste…. this is HQ

  170. Sean

    This sh*t is awesome!!! Strong and smooth-what more could you ask for…..

  171. Jimm

    First time buyer… wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m impressed with it all; quality of product, excellent service, and it arrived in 2 days. Way to go Greenz, way to go! Potent, clean, smooth honey oil, will buy again!

  172. cbat

    another fine quality product from greenz!

  173. cana

    well worth the investment… just like high school “hash oil” 🙂

  174. Gord

    Fantastic product. Would definitley recommend it

  175. Jonn

    this stuff is absolutely amazing and worth every cent, I use it on joints and to dab and its great for both!

  176. Spog

    Great stuff! It will find it’s way to my basket each time I order. Priced right!

  177. Lord

    Great for vaping,very smooth. Not alot of taste but good for a mellow buzz.

  178. 420c

    Every dabber should always have this to add to a dab. Quality at a great price…

  179. BenB

    Tres bon gout je recommande

  180. amee

    Absolute great buy! Previously vaped distillate but I wanted to try this and it was really good! Not as great of a taste but potency is deff there! Will be returning for more of this!

  181. sam9

    Good oil for the price. Doesn’t taste too great in my opinion, but the potency is awesome for what you’re paying. Very conveniently packaged as well, makes dosing a breeze. Definitely going to be ordering this again

  182. 420n

    pretty good!

  183. Yan8

    Good Shit.

  184. Jack

    I order this every time I order, great product and highly recommend! Good in a joint or in a bong and good enough to dab.

  185. madd

    Amazing like pretty much every review says! Very strong but smooth. Great on a paper or top off a bong… gives every thing its added too an extra punch. Would definitely order again.

  186. KayL

    J’ai acheté à nouveau et rien n’a changé… C’est toujours vraiment aussi bon. Rien de comparable sur le buzz.

  187. more

    Excellant oil. Will order again. *****

  188. Dona

    Incredible value for a very nice honey oil – would highly recommend. Usually I use in a joint with the oil applied on a second paper – little thick but burns like a charm, easing to put out and relight for dap like tokes.

  189. newf

    very nice smoke…burns really good doing hot knives…don’t need much for good strong effects…

  190. ccgo

    excellent honey oil, i use on rolling papers, spreads beautifully, ordered many

  191. Datg

    What can I say… this is primo honey. Great taste, texture and colour. Quality is consistent and never disappoints! 🙂

  192. Need

    I’m loving this oil! Smoke a joint of this and sit back. Very easy to spread and has a nice colour. This honey oil is a staple on every order of mine.

  193. Indi

    Love this oil. 2nd batch was better. I’ll keep buying from here.

  194. Geso

    OK – 43 people can’t be wrong (maybe even more when you read this). This is old-school and the real McCoy. Packaging is unreal – clean & convenient. A1.

  195. jmi7

    The best product on this entire site for price to quality ratio

  196. tomt

    Hash taste, was expecting something like a shatter taste but high is ok

  197. eric

    This substance is really but really pleasant to smoke. His taste exceeds all my expectations. Especially for the effect! I can’t help to buy it again….

  198. madr

    Not as nice as The Quarry Extracts, but way cheaper, same buzz. i’m just missing the amazing taste, but this one is half the price…..

  199. Exce

    Great Honey oil! Vaporizes clean and is quite potent, Very easy to work with.Just the right amount before bedtime and I’m sleeping like a baby. Another great product from Greenz! Thanks guys

  200. baz4

    Good stuff

  201. Jake

    This stuff is great for the price. Good flavor and works great in my vape.

  202. Seth

    Was a very nice high, doesn’t take much. My syringe arrived with only 0.9 ml instead of the full 1ml i paid for but 10% isn’t much to be upset about. Used as a pen to cover papers that i smoked my jays with and it worked really well, never had any boating or running. Would order again

  203. Gira

    Excellent and super strong

  204. Chea


  205. make

    mid quality but solid pricing. $32 dollars was as great addition to the cart

  206. bioh

    Incredible flavour and potency! Def ordering again, what a steal!

  207. Stev

    Good stuff!i fill my 510 vape carts with this.works good!

  208. Rayr

    Beautiful colour to this oil, its a bit harsher but the potency is definitely there, will definitely be ordering this again

  209. dave

    Good and strong at a very decent price,

  210. DD

    Good quality

  211. sgt

    Nice, clean, clear.

  212. capt

    nice job fellas reminds me of herbal dispatch good uncut pure ol honey plan and simple the way it should be

  213. Ross

    Agree with most of the reviews some realllly goood honey some of the best I’ve tried!!! Ordering again

  214. Datg

    I’ve ordered this honey oil several times and have no complaints. Very smooth, nice flavour and hits pretty good. Nice consistency not too thin, and sticky. Very clean and does not have a nasty solvent/gassy smell or taste! 🙂
    Great all around!

  215. wind

    very clean and easy to smoke. very happy with this oil. will order again

  216. 420c

    Smooth amber honey oil. Dab it roll it eat it vape it. Can’t be disappointed with this one. 😉

  217. Squi

    Yes! Top notch honey. Great for all your smoking desires (Joint, dabs, ect).

  218. Alex

    I love it the quality is very good 5/5

  219. morg

    Great addition to a joint with the outdoor buds on here recently!

  220. Mccr

    Gooood stuff. Love it. Vapes awesome. Smooth tokes everytime.

  221. KayL

    Le goût est exceptionnel et la consistance juste parfaite pour mon vape710 !

  222. rede

    Nice taste, burns smooth not harsh. Very nice.

  223. Swif

    Wonderful quality! I vaped it on some cotton in my Arizer Solo. Very nice body stone and overall subtle oil taste. Clean and worth every penny!

  224. dere

    Good consistent quality !!

  225. Oliv

    quality for the price

  226. Mostlyeve

    Tastey! I prefer it on spread on a paper with a little cigarette tobbaco. Instant smiles

  227. Greg

    Deliciously strong and super potent. Loved adding this to my end time bowl and a small dab of this and I was dead 🙂

  228. Mccre

    Top notch honey oil!
    Great smoke for good price.
    Thanks greenz

  229. jmi7

    Great to add to dabs, well priced food

  230. QuickBenDelat

    Fantastic stuff, good taste but not overpowering and potent I must say! Gotta agree with the other reviewer I put a glob of this just above or on a rosin dab and I am zooming.

  231. Cory

    Hits hard, yet it’s very smooth and clean.

  232. Crr

    Nice and clean and potent. Full syringes. Bubbling on a couple but it happens. Used for joints and blunts. Would buy again.

  233. azazel1189

    beautiful clear pure honey oil. delicious hash taste, excellent purge, no butane taste at all. id buy this over distillate. you wont regret this if you enjoy hash or oils.

  234. Tai

    Really nice product. Very clean and potent! Again, a flawless purchasing experience from Greenz 🙂

  235. derekfinlay

    This is something I will be adding to my list every order, Very clean and very potent !

  236. Bayardo

    This shit is gaaaaaaaaaassss. I love putting a glob on my budder or shatter hits to to get me proper. Good to see it’s sold out mad heads are going to demand this again!

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