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Grandpa’s Mint Dark Chocolate Bar

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Grandpa’s Mint Dark Chocolate Bar offers a unique olfactive and taste experience due to the intense mint flavour. Your taste buds and nostrils will love this cannabis edible the moment you first take a sniff. That’s when you realize this experience is entirely worth it. The THC concentration in each piece is widely varied, depending on the specific product. However, it’s enough to kick you down and send shivers down your spine!




  • Excellent mint flavour and aroma
  • Sufficient THC concentration
  • High-quality chocolate
  • Beneficial therapeutic effects


Appearance and aroma


Grandpa’s Mint Dark Chocolate Bar smells, tastes, and looks the part. It smells like the best dark chocolate bar you’ve had in years, and it tastes even better. As for the looks, you can expect a regular chocolate bar with no obvious weed elements. Once you taste it, you’ll know this is a cannabis edible rich in THC. If the smell doesn’t give it away, the taste surely will!


Uses and effects


All weed edibles from Grandpa’s are delicious and spiked with a hefty amount of THC. This particular edible boasts insane amounts of THC, though the specific concentration is widely varied. The cerebral rush makes your head lighter and your body wholly relaxed. Euphoria floods your brain, and you feel more motivated to achieve your goals for the day.


Take a piece of Grandpa’s Mint Dark Chocolate Bar when you wake up for an extra ounce of energy! It’s always a good idea to energize yourself if you’re generally a slow person. This edible will jumpstart your day and relax you thoroughly the moment you eat it. The mint aroma should speak volumes about its deliciousness, as well!

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