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Grandpa’s Dark Chocoate Bar

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How about a THC-infused dark chocolate with a very intense flavour? If you’ve never had any, then Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar should be your top pick. It’s not only potent due to the THC but also incredibly tasty and flavourful. One hour after you eat it, the effects should kick and you’ll feel a light buzz surrounding your body. Customer reviews are saying that Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar offers a manageable high over long periods of time.




  • Intense chocolate flavour
  • Prolonged effects on the brain
  • Great therapeutic benefits
  • Sufficient THC concentration

Appearance and aroma


Once you unwrap it, Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar looks like nothing too special. It’s just a bar of chocolate, right? Well, the extra effects emerge after tasting it for the first time. The flavour is a bit sweet and bitter. After all, it’s a dark chocolate brand. Moreover, you should know that cannabis edibles take longer to be digested. Likewise, the psychedelic effects will kick in after an hour, approximately.


The manufacturer uses top-of-the-line production techniques when making these chocolate bars. You can expect the highest-quality both in terms of aroma and flavour. The first taste will have the biggest impact because you probably don’t expect such a rich and complete flavour. After all, its main purpose is to deliver a potent dose of THC. Despite this, Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar heavily emphasizes flavour and aroma!


Uses and effects


Eating weed edibles leads to one thing – getting high. How high you get depends on the THC concentration in each edible. Grandpa’s Dark Chocolate Bar varies in terms of THC concentration, depending on the particular product. Its effects revolve around the light buzz that takes over your head and body.


Most users use it to chill after a hard day at work or spike their awareness up a notch in the middle of the day. It’s very easy to take this chocolate bar with you and grab a snack inconspicuously. No one will know that you’re actually eating cannabis edibles! This chocolate bar can alleviate:


  • Stress
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pains

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