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Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocoate Bar

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Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar is a mixture of delicious flavours and aromas. These edibles are transformative, according to some consumers who’ve tried them. The chocolate bar looks completely innocent, yet it delivers one of the wildest highs you’ve had. After you grab a piece, wait for one hour for the effects to kick in. It starts with a light cerebral buzz that slowly descends throughout your body.


Soon, your entire body will be covered in a relaxing tingly sensation. What first started as a light buzz is now an extensive feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar is a tasty treat with a superior high!




  • Increased potency
  • Precise THC concentration per chocolate piece
  • Easy to dose
  • Delicious flavour


Appearance and aroma


You’ve eaten chocolate bars before, right? Then you’ll know what to expect. Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar is white, with bits of cookies inside it. These crunchy treats emphasize the mellowness of the cream, while sweetening you out. After the THC enters your bloodstream and you start feeling the psychotropic effects, the sweetness takes on another role. It’ll help you enter a state of bliss and tranquility.


The flavour and aroma of Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar may not be unique, but it sure is delicious. The cream and the cookie bits combine for a perfect match made in Heaven. You’ll love this cannabis edible the first moment you take a chocolate piece.


Uses and effects


Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar is used to treat mild cases of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. Many medical patients prefer using weed edibles instead of the doctor’s medication. Unlike traditional medication, cannabis relieves your symptoms on more than one level. On the one hand, it directly alleviates your pains and discomfort.


On the other hand, weed improves your mood and eliminates any negative thoughts attached to your medical condition. Grandpa’s Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar works the same way by alleviating:


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss

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